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Thursday, February 23, 2012

A little of my stitching history

The picture isn't all that good, and as you can see by the time stamp  the picture itself was taken almost 9 years go, the x-stitch was finished back in 1996 or 97.  This is probably one of my favorite finished x-stitches.  The framer was fantastic, unfortunately shortly after completing this framing he took ill and stopped framing.   Mine was the 3rd one he framed this way, each one was a little bit bigger.  Anyway I was so proud of myself because I did not have to fudge any stitches at all :).  This was from my leisure arts day, before I discovered there were "other" designers.

Again - sorry for the glare of the flash on the picture, but I loved this one too, it's by Green Apple and is part of their Southern Roots line.  The picture isn't good, so you can't see that the detail in the stitching itself, very little back stitching at all.  The design used color changes, lots of color changes.  I've done 3 of these designs, this one, one was given to my husband's uncle that had an old man reading a story to several kids and the last one I can't seem to find a picture of was the Baptism, so will need to take one and post it on another day.

As you will see my taste in design if very diverse, like the music on my i-phone, one minute I'm listening to rock, the next minute country and then a little blues.   I love all kinds of designs, primitive, reproduction, country, samplers, angels and the list goes on.  I'm also ashamed to admit it, but I have over 1200 charts.  I think I can keep myself busy for a long time.


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