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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Teddy Bear Class in Tucson, AZ

I took at class at Mostly Bears in Tucson, AZ with my sister Linda.  The class involved assembling a pre-sewn jointed teddy bear.  We got to pick our colors and I chose orange, I don't have an orange bear and thought it was time to have one :)

Day 1 was assembling the bears, putting in the joints and stuffing.  Since we didn't get there until that afternoon, we were behind before we started.

Day 2 we have another instructor who showed us how to do a nose with nostrils (see the smaller red bear).  Originally we just did the head, but figure I needed a body to go with it, so I purchased the body as well and put it together after class.

Day 3 we did Springerly Cookies, they didn't transport home too well, but were pretty good anyways.

Day 4 was for various teddy bear artist in the area to come and sell their bears.

Since this picture the red teddy has been finished!!  The orange teddy is still waiting on one more ear (they are pinned in the picture).  In my search for my tools to finish up the bears I found 9 other kits that I should be doing....maybe later LOL.  Also found 1 rug hooking kit and 2 rug punching stay tune for more project.  This is the year to get stuff finished.


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