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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

UFO update for February

Here is where I started at 1/1/2012 on this UFO.  The poem is call "When I'm an Old Woman".  I originally found this in a book of poems from older women.  There were lots of great poems, but this is the one that made the book famous.  I left the book back in KY at our house :(  Next trip I need to get it and bring it home so I can re-read some of them.  There was a second book that I also started to x-stitch a poem from that was on a round robin.  The poem was about unfinished projects - which it is :)  Some day it will be finished.  Below is a close up of my lady's shoes...gotta love them!!

Here is where I am today.  I'm hoping to have this finished by the end of the month so I can check at least one UFO off my list....then on to something else.  I need to get my list together and put it here so I can remember what I need to concentrate on this year!!  After you are 20 something going on for the 3rd time, you are lucky to remember your name, let alone what you were doing last night.

Have a great Valentine day and hope that your heart is happy.


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