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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The UFO's that I'm NOT working on in 2012

Here are some of my UFO's that weren't picked for this year's challenge.  I know I have more, but these were the only pictures I could find.  My goal is to have them all completed someday.

A de-funk RR that was going to be a crossword of my Kid's first names. 

ANG group project, my second counted canvas started over 15 years ago

Name badges for ANG and EGA - 

Can't remember the designer, but the instructions were good and you couldn't see where the stitches went, so the center space is way too small for the design.  Not sure what I'm going to do with it.

L&L Ice Angel with the colors changed to purple - don't like working with the rayon thread, so there it sits - I need to start it over and use silks instead.

Santa started for an x-brother-in-law, it was started way after he was an x, so isn't abandon, just not finished.

The Wiz for my middle daughter - I've had a heck of time with the purple thing - cape/drape?  I've stitched and unstitched it twice, and have change the color range 4 time.  

Terry Drisen's Sarfari, love it and really want to get it finished, but don't think I can do it this year.

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  1. LOl - should read my posts before I publish, I mean that the one design's directions were NOT good and you couldn't see that you needed to skip a thread between the speciality stitches, so the center is too small for the intended design. I might do it over one just to get it done.