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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Is it too early to think about Christmas?

While I have made a commitment to finish up projects this year, I can't help but to start new ones that will be finished also.  I must admit I have a fetish, I love making pillow cases for people.  I try to find material to matches the person's personality or be something they like.  Today I took my little peep and we hit two quilt stores that I'd not been to before.  While my mission was to find some Star War material that is supposed to be out, I was disappointed to find out that it hadn't arrived yet.   But never fear I left my name and phone number to be called when it arrives and I found LOTS of material to feed my fetish while I wait.

Before I get to the material an update on some partially finished projects.

To the left is a sock that is almost completed, just need to bind off the toe and it's done.  As you can see I have started the second sock, so it has its mate.  The yarn was picked out my granddaughter when we went to a yarn shop a few weeks ago.  It is yellow, gold and greens, they are so neat looking, love the color and it isn't knitting up into patches of color, but rather is staying spaced out.

These socks will be for my grandson.  The last pair were too small, the length was good, but his foot was a little bit too wide to fit.  So these are a little bit longer and wider.  I can't wait to see if they fit.  Want to have them done before I leave for home.  Love doing small socks they knit up so fast!!

The other sock is for my granddaughter, its from yarn she picked out herself.  It has red, pink, yellow, cream and gray.  As you can see I've completed the flap, turned the heel and working on the gusset, then it's on to the toes.  She has tried them on to see if they were wide enough and they fit perfectly, she is so excited about getting them.

Here is a shot of some material that i found that I thought was absolutely beautiful.  I got enough to do 4 pillowcases, 2 using this martial and two using another matching material.  The tops of the pillow cases will be pottery.  I can't wait to get them cut out and sewn up - sure hope I can wait until Christmas to give them away.  The picture doesn't do the colors justice.  I think it would make a great quilt too, but I have so many planned that I figured if I ever hoped to see it being used, pillow cases were the way to go.

Below is the Lorax, which was a favorite story of my kids.  I found lots of material :)    You can see some of the other in the shot of the bags of fabric.  I got a panel that I'll use if a quilt top for a child, figured I would find one that would love it...and enough for pillow cases :)

The Robin was done up as a cover to a small pad of paper.  My Mom has declared that she no longer wants presents that can't be used up.  But I also know that she keeps paper by the phone all the time, sooooo my thought is to do this up and give it to her with a supply of paper.  She loves birds, so thought this would be a perfect Christmas present.  I also got another one that has a rabbit on it, not sure who will get that one, or if it will actually even get done.  I was told it could be sewn in an evening or two and since my grandmother made sure I knew how do to a blanket stitch, I think it will go fast.  I got some black material for the front and then some green material with the Who's from a Christmas Story for the inside.

The rest of the material will be surprise, unless you are looking very closely :)

Can you spy anything in the bags?  maybe coffee and beer?  what is under it all???  Will have to wait until Christmas to find out!!

I also got the stretcher bars to start my Queen Elizabeth I pictures.  I will post as soon as I have something stitched on her - OK I will admit, it is a NEW project that is not on my UFO list, but I just couldn't resist.

My granddaughter goes home in two weeks, and then my grandson comes out for 2 weeks.  So it will be another month before I have full access to my room again :(  But I can bring out my cutting tools with my grandson (he's 12) and not have to worry about him cutting wholes in anything.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and hope that you can spend tomorrow with your Dad, husband, sons, brothers etc. and help to honor their day.  I will miss being with my Dad - he is going to a game with my siblings, so I know he will be in great company.  I will see him in 2 weeks when I go home.  I get to be a kid for 3 days and have my mommy take care of me LOL.



  1. Hi there Sandy,
    I have finally reached over to your blog. I absolutely enjoyed reading about all of your projects you are working on and the showing of all the fabulous fabby. What a neato idea to do a notebook cover for your mom. It is really a cute design. Who can resist the little bird. I think your Mom will love it.

    I love the fabby with the African ladies. Is there more at your quilt shop. Do your quilt shop have online purchase. I would certainly like to have some. Would you let me know dear?

    Thxs in advance and TFS:)

    1. Jackie:

      Will have to remember which shop it was, and I believe they were on-line. Will get the information and send it to you, have to go back through my bags. I did more shops today that were south of us, but no finds like last Saturday.