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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Where does the time go?

It seems when you are child, days last forever, and Christmas never seems to come around soon enough.   And summer - man  how much I love those summers - playing outside until the street lights came on, riding my bike all over with my friends and eating ice cream without wondering if I'll regret the decision later.  And the best part when I was a teenager, was sitting on the mailbox that was used by the post office to put the mail in for the carrier - remember those big green mailboxes?  We would jump up on them and sit and talk for hours!!!  I can't believe I could actually jump up on one, let alone sit with one or two girlfriends.

Then at some point in your life, the days get too short, Christmas is ALWAYS here before you are ready and life just seems to be slipping away......and you really don't know why.  And there is no way I could jump up on one of those mailboxes. let alone have enough room for anyone but myself - if I could find one to even try to jump up on.

Since last posting my parents came for a short visit.  They did a cross country trip, stopping in CO to see my sister, northern CA to see my brother, southern Ca to see me :), with a side trip to San Diego to see a friend he grew up with and then home again.  While their trip will be about 3 weeks start to finish, it was much too short for me.  I only got a 2 1/2 days with them :(  which was not enough, but in a few weeks I'll go and see them for a few days while trying to squeeze in a whole summer in one week.  And will start to plan my next trip home, because I know they aren't planning a long distance trip again.

On a sad note I'll be taking my granddaughter home to her Mommy (our oldest daughter).  She is trying to talk me into one more trip to Disneyland, but I think I can resist - she's' been 4 times now, twice this visit and twice on her last visit.

On a really happy note my grandson will come back with me!!!  He is our first grandchild and use to spend almost every weekend with us.  I can't wait to take him to Disneyland - I'm sure we'll squeeze two days in, along with a few other places that I've been wanting to see, like the 3-D transformer ride at Universal City!!  And Legoland.  The above picture is an old one, but isn't he cute???  I love his red hair and his dimples just melt my heart.  He's 12 now, was about 3 almost 4 in the picture - and you can see his rag quilt on his bed in the back ground.   I've made him two and I asked him if he wanted the first one since he had a spiderman one now and he told me that he loved the first one best and wanted to keep it.  How can you NOT love that?

These are the strawberries my youngest daughter sent me to celebrate the end of our really busy season at work - they were so good!!!  I think there are still two left in the refrig, but won't be for long :)  My work can be stressful at times and require some long hours, but I love what I do, so don't mind most of the time.  My career has afforded me the opportunity to move around and meet lots of really nice people and total go wild with my stash :)
The yarn to the right is from my sister.  The shop near her house carried a yarn called Toasty Toes and I loved it for knitting socks.  I've knitted socks out of about 3 or 4 skeins over the years.  Well I guess the lady that produced the yarn sold her business awhile ago and they no longer carry the yarn :(  So she sent these for me to play with - I can't wait to try them, the blue skein is really, really soft, so will make some really great socks.

The socks at the top are really home made socks, I spun the yarn myself and they are heavier than most, but are nice for walking on cold floors.  They are my finish for the month - so now I can start new socks without feeling too guilty.

Hope to post some stitching accomplishments soon.

Until then - hope you needle is threaded with enough thread to get to the end of the row.


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