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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Well I think it's a Monday spelled Wednesday

This week has not been one of my better weeks, work has been busy and I'm pretty close to 40 hrs already and committed myself to more work for tomorrow :(  I really need to just get up early and get to work and get it done!!  But until then I get to sit among my projects, and even if I don't pick them up, it feels so good just to look at what I've done to date, both on stretcher bars and q-snaps, on my lap frame, floor frame but hand held.  It calms my nerves and releases the stress of the day.  If I do stitch, then the rhythm of the needle and thread going in and out of the ground fabric is so relaxing, but why am I tell you all this, you know that already.

The first picture is a new start, and yes it is one of my UFO challenges for 2012.  It's called Iris and Fans Quilts by Nancy's Needle.  I love the purples and off white colors.  You can't tell from the picture but the white is really a variegated water color by caron's thread.  There is also a little bit of sparkly thread.  I know I don't have much done yet, but the last one I did went fast, so I'm hopeful.  Wish I had a picture of the other one, can't believe I've miss photographing it, next trip home I'll take a picture of it, or better yet it may end up in my bag to come back here :)  I'm already excited about getting it framed!!  Which is my favorite part, it's my rewards for getting the project done.

Below is my Spirit Dancer and a little more progress, it's slowly coming.  I need good sunlight to work on this one, using my lamp is OK for about an hour or so, but then my eyes start to get fuzzy and I can't focus.  So will work on it this weekend and hope to have more to post next week.  This will be my last weekend home alone, but since my hubby is not a morning person and I am, I'll always have Saturday and Sunday mornings for stitching in peace.  Happy stitching, quilting, knitting or whatever is your method of calm.  Sandy

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