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Monday, September 10, 2012

Another day another dollar, which in todays terms is about a nickle

I had such a wonderful weekend.  I decided to go to the ANG's stitch-in and spent the afternoon with some wonderful women who 1) put my stitching to shame and 2) were so much fun to sit and talk too while we worked.

I took several projects but worked only on one, my Iris and Fan's design.  I am really enjoying working on this chart.  I love the way it's coming out and love the colors.

I also worked a little bit last week on my dragon, tried a new stitch on the claws and I'm happy with it so far.  I think for the body I'm going to do a basket weave - I love the thread and think doing a basket weave and blending a little bit will work well.

 And last I thought I'd post a couple of pictures of my flowers, they aren't in bloom, you can see the little blooms peeking their heads from under the leaves on one of them.   They look pretty good for being under my care for over 6 months - most of my plants do last until the end of the week any more.

Next time I hope to have an update of the Spirit Dancer.  She was worked on over the week, but most of the stitches that went out, were taken right back out again :(  So not enough progress to make it worth the post.

Happy stitching

 Can you see the little bloom under the leaves on the left side of the plant - these are all single blooms, need to go and get a couple more and see if i can't do well with the double blooms :)

this is the baby from  one of the other ones - it's rooted and new leaves are coming up - so exciting!!

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