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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend progress on Spirit Dancer

This is Carl "Addison", who will be the receiver of the Spirit Dancer.  When his brother was born almost 13 years ago I started a tradition of stitching an angels for the grandchildren to hang over their cribs and then watch over them as they grow.

I was able to get the initial angel done and framed around the time the first grandchild was born (Michael).  Easy-pease right?  I did it in less than 9 months - should be easy going forward, I mean you got about 7 months notice that a new child is coming right????  HAHAHAHAHAHA - you gotta stay focused and I'm so easily distracted anymore.

Next came our granddaughter - her Angel was finished for Christmas last year - it took me 4 years to get done!!!!  I had a hard time staying focused on it, but once I really go going, I got it done.

Now it's Addison's turn - he will be 2 in March, so I'm hoping to have his angel - who is really a Spirit Dancer, done before his birthday.   SOOOOOOO here is my progress for the weekend!!

She has a face - not back stitched yet, but the face is in!!  And now I'm back to working on the green - the sea of just seems to go on and on and on........  I might skip down and do the arm and bird, just for a change of pace.  

I keep trying to figure out how far I am on her - I don't feel like I'm half way done yet because I keep looking at the chart and seeing all that I've NOT done.  I would have to think having the lady almost done has be mean I'm closer to being done than I will let myself believe.  But I think she is looking pretty good, can't wait to start doing the beading on her.  I think the beading will really be impressive.

Below is a close up of her face the blank areas are where the beads go, so you can see there is lots and lots of beading!!

No progress on my counted canvas - Iris and Fans and no more progress on Lizzy, but both of those will be working on during the week.  I'm starting a weight program, so I need to occupy my hands and stitching, knitting and quilting will be the way!!

Happy stitching and my your needle always have enough thread to finish the row!!


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  1. Very pretty!! I have always wanted to stitch this design