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Sunday, October 14, 2012

I can't believe we're halfway through October

I'm not sure where the time is going, but Christmas is getting here way too fast.  I really need to get myself motivated and get my projects done!!  I have so many that I want to do, and so many that are in stages of being done.  I'm going to get my pillow cases read to sew this week - I think I have about 20 I want to do for Christmas.  Also want to get my potato and corn micro-wave cookers completed.  They are cut out, just need to be sewn.

Two of my goals for 2012 were to get two quilts completed.  I don't think I'll actually get them assembled, but at least I'm getting all of the squares done.

These three pictures are from my 2009 Thimbleberry quilt.  I have the 3 small blocks left for month 8 and the large square and 3 small squares for month 12 left to do.  I need to re-cut the squares for month 8 - i cut them 3 1/2" when they should have been 4 1/2".  The instructions were misleading because they had been changed and I didn't write down the information correctly :(  But I think I have enough of material to do it.  If not, then I'll use what I have as I can't get it anymore.

This quilt was offered in 3 color ways - light, bright and warm, I choose the bright (I think) color way because of a purple that was in the charm pack.  Unfortunately, that purple was only in one set of square :(  but I like it anyway and can't wait to get the top done.  This one will be easier to assemble because it's just sewing the squares together.

I still need to do the fussy cuts of squares that look like quilt more to come soon I hope.

This square is one that I took apart and re-sewed.  Its from the Thimbleberry 2008 year, which was the second year that I attempted my quilting journey.  I've learned a lot since then, so sometimes i go back and re-do.  Sometimes I can fix them, other times....well they are what they are.  Not all of my points are perfect, but then only God is perfect, so I'm leaving in my imperfections for what I hope are generations to see, and I hope that the quilts keep my kids, grandkids and so on warm.

I have one more square to cut a border for, and then I have to cut the triangles that will be used to connect all of the squares.  Again, if I've goofed on anything I'm up the creek without a paddle - the shop that I took this through has been out of business for several years now, but I did get extra so I'm hoping I'm good.  This one will be a little more difficult to assemble because all of these squares are set on point.  So we'll see how well my points are when it's all said and done.
Here is my update on my lady - I've shorten the frames so I can work on it easier.  I've been doing all green this weekend.  I have where the had goes identified so might do that this weekend. 

I'm hoping to have the green done soon and will post her again when I have more to show.  I really want to do the beading, but I'm saving it for last.

Hope you are all enjoying your October weather.  I'm going to do some more stitching this afternoon, so the next time you see my lady she will be further along.  Still want it done by Christmas, but will be happy if it's done for Addison's 2nd birthday.  Then I need to start on the next angel - she is calling my name........



  1. Nice stitch progress and I do like your quilt blocks.

  2. thanks Jackie. I can't wait to see the quilt assembled. only 1 1/2 more months of blocks to sew and i can start the assembly.