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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Time to Fall is do much easier than jumping ahead :)

Well, November is here in all it's glory and my thoughts turn to getting gifts ready to mail out to my grandchildren (2 boys & 1 girl), my kids ( 3 daughters & 1 son) and a sundry of siblings, nieces and nephews based on which ones were assigned to me this year.  I had a great time at Joanne Fabric's this morning.  I found some wonderful tins that were 40% off and then I had a coupon for another 25% off. I thought it would be fun to fix up a tin for each of the grand kids and then put stuff in it for them to discover when they open it up.  For the youngest, the things will be simple and in plain sight.  For my inquisitive 5 year old, I'm going to just dump things in the can so she will have a fun time exploring what's in there.  When she was here she loved looking at my buttons, so I got some buttons to put in her box, and will add a few other things - bracelet, maybe earrings, a little money etc.  The fun will be sorting through it all.  For our oldest grandchild, his will be more simple - just an assortment of things like Lego's, gift card(s), action figures etc.  Anyway, I'm looking forward to checking out Target, Wal-mart and other local shops for things I can put into the tins.

As for my sewing projects I've finished cutting out all of the pillow cases and now I need to start the assembly process.  I've cut out all of the rag quilt squares and the lining - so they are ready for mass sewing and then assembling.  I love figuring out how to sew all the squares together!!  I'll take pictures when I get to that point.

I also cut out circles for potato cookers for the micro-wave.  I made a prototype last year to see if I could do it along with one for corn.  I can't find my corn instructions, but I'm sure they are in my guest room someplace.  I will do the potato ones first and if time permits will do the corn.  I'm going to give them away to my kids and my parents, it's my attempt of being green :)

I also hope to complete a pillow I started for my darling daughter about 5 years ago!!  I bought a box of fiber for stuffing so should be good to go on the project.  Also found some really neat trim that I hope will match!!  Can't wait to see it finished and mailed off.  The cross stitch says - "Dog spelled backwards is....." Which made me laugh when I saw the x-stitch design.  When Sara was about 5 and we were in Church and the Pastor was doing his kid thing and she was up there at the alter listening intently to every word he said (or so I thought) and he asked if there were any questions and she raised her hand.  Being a proud Mom, I sat up a little bit straighter, my daughter was going to ask a question!!  And she pointed to the banner behind the alter and said "Why is that Dog spell backwards....".  The Pastor being young, paused for a beat and look at her and said, "That is God spelled forward".   Most of the congregation that was sitting close started to laugh, it was evident that she was very intent, but not on the children's sermon, but rather pondering the banner behind the paster.  Funny how small things can bring back such loving memories of the kids growing up....I miss being a full time Mom with kids running around the house.

My daughter's friend just purchased her first home, so I'm sending her some pillowcases and some pot holders.  I think she will love them both.  I found a set of directions to make a very simple potholder that once you turn it, the seams are hidden, so I just serge around it once and I'm done!!  I made a ton of them a few years ago for everyone I knew almost - so now I just a couple with left over material.

The last picture is my faithful sewing machine.  I've had it for about 20 some years.  I actually wore out the gears on my first machine that I got for about $150 and it included a sewing desk with drawers.  And while I play around with getting a new one, I have a hard time justifying the cost when my old one works fine.  So me and machine will have a bonding day tomorrow and we'll see what is completed by the end of the day - after all I'll have an extra hour to get stuff done :)

Happy Fall Back day, may your fall back be as restful as possible.


Pillowcases - there are actually some stacked behind
Rag quilt squares

Potato cooker - I also have the material with the red hot peppers for tortillas

Sara's pillow

material for potholders

My machine - I got it for $300 and it included the desk & a serger!

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