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Saturday, December 29, 2012

One last shopping trip

 We are in Las Vegas to bring in New Years with my hubby's side of the family.  We drove down Friday night, so today I ventured out to see what I could find at Stitcher's Paradise today.  I knew I needed some additional beads for my August Peridot Fairy and some fabric for Mirabilla's Sleeping Princess, but didn't realize how much other stuff that I "needed" LOL.  The first picture are the missing beads and material.  Wasn't the color the pattern called for, but I liked it better, can't wait to put the threads on it to see how they will look.

Then as I walked though the shop I decided to get a few more threads for the Princess angel that I'll be starting.  So grabbed some pink Lame, some silver snow and a sparkly gray Trio.

You'd think I'd be happy by with my new found purchase, but then I saw The Prairie Moon skulls and as it just so happened I had just purchased some material that matched them perfectly!!  I would have gotten all 4 of charts, but figured I should save something for my Stash Diet as an incentive!!

I also saw a cute M Design of their tree that says Halloween - I got an over dyed piece of linen, the thread and buttons so it is ready to go too!!  I might start it this weekend as well.

My last purchase and final for 2012 is a frogger needle to pick out threads.  I use a needle to do this, but this one has beads attached so thought I'd go ahead and get it.

We also hit the Sam's Club - got lots of hot sauce :)  We used to get by the gallon, but once we moved to southern cal we lost a close Sam's club and Costco doesn't carry it at all.  So while the one here didn't carry it in a gallon anymore, we did get 6 large bottles, so hopefully that will last until this time next year.  We also found some other things that we like and got case for $3.25!!  Which we though was exciting as we've been paying $3.69 to almost $4.00.

I might venture out to the other two quilt shops on Monday, I did find some material to make some more pillow cases for the January birthdays and i got one small kit that is a wool appliqué that  I thought was cute.

Sorry for the quality of the pictures, but didn't have good lighting and my flash reflected off the plastic covering on the patterning.

The all black below I'm thinking about doing it on black and making the scale itself perhaps white?  Will have to see what I have in my stash.

Hope you all bring in the new year with someone you love and that your stashes have grown enough to keep you in stitches all of 2013


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