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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Who's paw is coming from under

The picture of the paw is Ms. Kitty.   Ms. Kitty was a gift from my son and daughter-in-law, her mother had died and there were 3 very sedate kittens that needed a home.  She was supposedly the most laid back of the group.  Well, that laid backness lasted until she had a can of cat food in her belly and then the devil came out in her.  She would steal, yes steal whole skeins of silk floss, never the cheaper DMC cotton, always the silk-n-ivory or Bella silk.  She stalked Sara's bird (couldn't figure out how to open the cage, which was the only think that kept the bird alive).  But in her defense she is a good mouser, so I guess there is a little good in her.  Anyway the picture is her when I thought she was a lap kitten - until the paw started to come around my q-snap.

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