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Thursday, January 24, 2013

WIPocalypse 2013

Full moon dates and Themes for 2013:
January 26 – Theme: Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!

So the initial theme is to introduce myself, my projects and my goals for 2013.  So who am I, a good question that I've been pondering for over 50 years.  I have decided when I grow up I'll know who I am, until then I'm probably the most old fashion modern person I've ever known and a rotten speller and no sense of grammar - so bare with me as I blog along.

I'm old fashion because of my love of sewing, stitching, knitting and others hand crafts.  I've been addicted to cross stitching for close 35 years.  I was in a hobby store one day, not sure why, but saw 3 owl's cross-stitched on Aida and loved it!!  I had done stamped embroidery and really didn't care for it, I wanted my X's to be perfect and they never were, so while I started a lot of projects, I didn't finish anything.  So I got the kit, can't say if I ever did it or not, but I know I got lots of other kits which I did finish and dare I say "copies" from other's that had Leisure Art books and never looked back.  I no longer have the illegal copies, I toss them years ago and if I could find the books, I purchased them if not, then I didn't stitch the design.  

I am modern because I've been a working mom of 4 for over 35 years, I've been working since I was 16 with only breaks when i went to college (with 2 kids) and when my last one was born.  My husband worked 3rd shift so the kids had someone at home when they came home from school.  I was lucky to have jobs that allowed me some leeway with my time - I was able to attend school functions, parent/teacher meetings and all of their performances.  

When the kids were young I had a bag that I always carried with me no matter where I went, in it was my crocheting, knitting, or cross-stitching projects.  I was very careful NOT to pull out the special gift for whomever was around at the moment - maybe that's why the bag was always so full.  Still have the bag, but don't use it anymore - now I have my pink kitty bag :)

I have lots of projects and I have them in different categories

1) Have to get that done  

First up is the SpriritDancer by Told in a Garden.  I'm working on the green back ground around the lady.  The dress is completely done except for the beading.  As you can see I've gotten a little more of the green stitched in from the last picture of the whole design.   This will be my starting point for 2013.  My goal is to have her done by March, but not sure I'll make that, but will give it a good try.

The second one is SpiritWalker, it's not started yet and needs to be done by June for my daughter's graduation with her master's degree in elementary education.  Originally she wanted her for her high school graduation, but it didn't happen, so we'll see if we can make this one.

Third one is Painted Pony Princess for my granddaughter.  I have 3 other angels completed waiting to be finished, would love to add this one in the pile.  These are fun to do when I want to stitch, but don't want to think too hard.  My granddaughter loves pink and chose a lot of sparkly pink and purple threads.    I plan on doing the castle all in beads as well as the tiara in her hair, which will be black, since my granddaughter's hair is black, and she will be an African American angel.

The next group are projects that I want to work on during the year.  If they get finished that is great!!

The first one that I've been working on is Thine is the Trick and Treat by Prairie Moon.  It's being done in a variegated purple silk.  I'm not sure if I'll have enough thread or not because I'm using 2 threads instead of one.  I thought it would be pretty mindless, but I had to rip out the bat 3 times before I got it I need to pay attention!!  But I do enjoy working on it, love not having to change colors - good project to work on in-between the L&L designs above.

The second one that I want to start, but haven't yet is my Pelican - isn't he wonderful???  Again all in one color.  I plan on started him soon, but want to do a little gridding (is that a word?) first so I don't lose my place.  This is done on 40 ct, so don't want to have to rippppp anything out because I was stupid.

I've not ever done any Miribilla's but have lots of her charts.  So I've picked out two, the Sleeping Princess and August Peridot Fairy.  The Fairy will be up first, I love the material I got, and I've gotten the rest of the beads and thread.  I'm told she stitches fast - it would be nice to have her done by August for my middle daughter's birthday, but Christmas would be good too.

The next one is a Noah's Ark Afghan, I've gotten the letters through "N" - Numbats done.  This year I want to get O, P Q and R done.  I can do a square in a day, they are simple and a good filler for those weekends when I'm watching a movie and want to stitch.  I use to do one each time I went to a stitch-in when I lived in KY.

Next up is a train belt for my son - I've done one for each of my girls so thought it was time to do one for my son.  I'm not very far, I mainly stitch on it when I'm traveling, which isn't often.

The last in this group is a dragon by Leigh's Design, it was supposed to have been done for my son's wedding, but he decided to get married at the drop of a hat while we were in Michigan with my sister and my Dad, both of whom had just had major surgeries done.  So while I do have some done on it, I've not been in any hurry to get it done - the SpiritDancer above is for his son who will be 2 in March, so you can see this have been on the floor stand for several years.  Maybe it's time to come off.  I wanted to do this in special stitches and had lots of directions, but I couldn't make them work, so I'm thinking of just doing it in basket weave to get it done!!  The threads are wonderful and I think will make it look great.  The background is red silk and will put a gold border around it all.  I was going to do it into a pillow, but my son and his wife are both smokers, so will put it under glass so it has a chance of surviving.

The next group I call - WHY HAVE I NOT FINISHED IT YET!!!

First up is my oldest UFO - I started it over 38 years ago.  It was going to be for my Mom for Christmas in 1974, but it never got finished.  I'm not sure why it was put aside, there were two in the kit, I finished the one, just not this one.  I plan on finishing it, just because.

Next is the Wizard - maybe by Liz???  Can't remember, I started it maybe 5 years ago, maybe closer to 8 or 9.  It is for my middle daughter.  I'm stuck on the cape.  I've started it and ripped it out 3 times now.  I just can't figure out a good stitch to use.  Long and short has been suggested, but I really don't like that stitch.  What makes it so bad is each time I change my mind on what I want to do, I also change the thread.

I will do turkey work on the cuffs of his jacket and a braided stitch for the gold trim.  Not sure what to do in the back ground, would welcome suggestions on a good stitch and color.  I would really like to get this one done this year too, will finish it in a stand up.

Next up is a sweater I started to knit for my youngest daughter, I'm up to the V part and the little bit of cabling.  I had worked on this when I would go to the Women's Gathering the second Sunday of every month at a great place in Pleasurville KY.  The lady that runs the knitting/spinning shop taught me to spin, and how to knit socks and mittens.  I had known how to knit, but hadn't in a long time.  I love making socks and while I'm not listing any here as UFO's, I do have 2 different pairs started, one isn't very far at all and will be ripped out because there is an error in it, the other I'm working my way to the toe of the first sock.  Will also post a picture of my wheel one of these days.

The next one is a Santa Claus that I was going to do for my x-brother-in-law (he was an x when it started).  He collects Santa's and I wanted to give him one that he wouldn't have, even if someone stitched the same Santa, the chances of anyone doing it exactly the same is slim to none.  Not a lot done on him, really want to do that beard, so maybe that will be this year's achievement and next year he'll be moved into rotation - he's about 9 years old, so no hurry now.

The next one is a counted canvas that was a class with the ANG that I belonged to at the time.  Since this picture I've actually finished more of it.  The outer center blocks are done and the corner blocks are done.  Just need to finish up the outer border's smaller two blocks on each sides.  This is really one that I scratch my head and wonder why it's not done.

The Amish woman hanging up quilts was probably the second needlepoint that I ever started.  I got the canvas on sale and thought it would be fun to work on.  It may get finished some day, but as you can see I didn't do a very good job of picking out stitches that worked evenly around the quilts.

The last one is a class I took with Terry Dryden called Safari.   It really is a great canvas and the stitches are lots of fun.  I just haven't had a chance to get back to it.

What is missing from these pictures is my Elizabeth I, which is a Gay Ann Roger class.  It's not very far, like I have the face done :(  When I saw the picture I really liked it, and I'm sure if I got beyond the collar I would have fun with it, but just haven't been too interested in stitching on her.    I'm sure she will turn up from time to time as the year progresses.  There is a lot of basket weave in the back ground that has another stitch done over it.  I like doing a basket weave when i just want mindless stitching.

The last pictures is of a quilt square that I started years ago.  I have all of the squares set up to sew, and the quilt is really nice - all flannel, which is my favorite material :)  One day it will be done.......but I have 3 other quilts that I will finish first - sorry no pictures, too hard to take pictures of all of the squares and post, so will wait until they are sewn together in a quilt top to post.

 So this is who I am - someone who does well starting projects, but has a hard time getting them done.  So your words of encouragement would be must appreciated.



  1. Great group of WIP's. Good luck on getting lots done on them this year!

  2. Lots of lovely WIPs there, I look forward to seeing your updates :)

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog. You're a "no-reply" so I popped over here to see your TaT progress, love the purple you're using, it looks amazing.

    This post has the latest picture of it. I do love stitching on it but I fear it may be the Autumn before it comes back into the rotation. Green Goddess is my target at the moment.

  4. Beautiful projects, I'm looking forward to see progress on all of them!