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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Is the Moon still full?

I'm late updating for the full moon, I know, but it's been a busy month for me, I do federal filings for health care and work on absolute deadlines in getting things filed.  My beloved car also decided this was the month it was going to die for good, and while I really would have liked forging getting another one, I knew I needed too.  Lastly our daughters came for a visit, and next week my brother and his family are come for a when I don't have time to stitch I fall back into my old ways and buy, buy, buy.....Added one canvas, one chart, 2 quilt kits, 2 kitchen towel kits (appliqué on them) and material for pillow cases for next Christmas.   Hopefully next month I'll have quilt top to post as being finished :)  That is my next goal, as well as progress on my Spirit Dancer, hoping to have the beading done.

I did fit a little stitching in this month and here it is....

First up is the train belt for my son - I managed to get the yellow care done and half of the next brown one (green & brown was done already).

The second is a Painted Pony angel for my granddaughter, I got the rest of the skirt done - now need to work on the castle on the skirt - also ready to start the hair and the tiara

Last update is my Prairie Moon - Thine is the Trick or Treat, which I'm having fun doing - I love the stress free stitching time - no color changes needed, I've had to ripppppp a little bit, but not much.

Hope you are all making great progress on your projects.



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