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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Band Sampler - why did I stop...why did I start?

In my stitching life I go through different phases, one of those phases were band samplers.

I just loved them, couldn't get enough of them!!  These are only a few that I've done, most were given away and others I just can't find my pictures.  You'll see this phase was 10 years ago, so it's been awhile since I've worked on one.  Not sure why I stopped......I wish that as I tracked my different completed projects that I would have taken a picture and dated my spreadsheet.  I know what I've completed, but can't tell you when I finished them.  Some of these have dates on them, some don't, maybe when I'm home this summer I'll write down the dates on the x-stitches that still hang in our house.

I started doing band samplers as I way to learn new stitches and to work with silk threads.  I remember telling my Mom that I thought I'd taken x-stitching as far as it would go and needed a new hobby, but then I discovered a whole new world.

I started doing band samplers when I lived in Ft. Smith Arkansas.  Our shop didn't carry them as a rule - if it wasn't Leisure Arts, it wasn't in her shop :( but the shop in Tulsa (Silver Needle) had lots and lots and lots of them, so I was able to pick up a few.

Of course I just looked at them for a long time, then I finally I took a class at the LNS, the shop owner got charts and supplies and the EGA lady agreed to do a class.  So myself and a fellow stitcher Becky learned the art of band samplers.  I remember one band I did I was having so much fun doing the stitch I did a little bit more than I should have, but figured no one would know if I never told.

After my first venture I found Just Nan and loved her colors and her designs.  I have several of her designs in my stash, and I've done several and given them away.  I kept these three because I liked them.

After Just Nan I found Indigo Rose and again fell in love with her designs and have more in my stash to do, one that I know I will do is the Jester for my son.

And then one day I found Shepard's Bush and while I only have one pictures here, I've completed and given away several of them.

My last band sampler is from Victorian Samplers, which introduced me to hardanger and ribbon embroidery.  I have only finished Silk Wisteria, but hope to do the other 3 that goes with this series, I have the charts and material, just need to find the time.

I really enjoyed doing band samplers and not sure why I stopped, other than most likely started counted canvases and painted canvases where I could experiment with different fibers.  But as i look at these I really want to start another one or two.

I liked being able to work on one band in an evening and them put it away.  I liked working with different stitches and I LOVE working with silk threads.  So maybe I'm talking myself into starting one soon, very soon :)  Now I'll need to pick which one, I'm thinking a SB......but who knows I need to go through my stash and see what I have....more to come I'm sure.



  1. All of your band samplers are so gorgeous, Sandy! Great stitching! The people you gave them too are so fortunate to have a masterpiece stitched by you!

    1. thanks, I enjoyed doing them and think I'll be starting a new one as a reward for finishing my SpiritDancer

    2. That sounds like a well-earned reward to me!