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Thursday, May 9, 2013

I should be stitching, but I'm blogging instead

It's been one of those weeks when work just gets in the way of life...I really love my job and I work with wonderful people, but I'm exhausted by the time I get home each night.

So instead of spending 2 or 3 hrs. stitching on my lady, I spend my time unwinding with my laptop....mostly reading blogs and thinking of all the things that I'd like to get :) or charts that I really want to start, but I'm determined to get something finished first....not sure how many UFO's I have, haven't counted lately, but it's more than 10 less than 100 so I figure I'm still in the realistic zone of getting them all done one day.

I have made some progress on my lady, I'm back working on the green under the arm after I rewarded myself with a little beading.  Once that is done it will all be downhill :)

I don't know what percentage that I have to do yet - I look at the chart and, I still have a lot to do and I down grade my percentage to 50-60 % done, but then I look at what I've stitch and feel a little more optimistic and think OK maybe I'm 65 - 75% done how - what do you all think?

I can't wait to get more beading in - hope to have the beading on the dress done this weekend and the rest of the green under the arm.  There is more green down around her feet, boy am I tired of doing GREEN!!  And then there are lots of beading on the right side.  The last touch will be the ultra suede fringe on her dress.  Need to keep motivated.......


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  1. I can relate to getting home from work and being too tired to stitch anything. Checking out what everyone else is stitching normally motivates me to pick up my own stuff (or just to buy more stash!)