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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

my pet peeves

Sorry, but need to rant and vent a little bit so I can get it out of my system and back to stitching :P

I have many pet peeves - which when your over 50 you've had a several years to accumulate them, so I feel entitled to a few and most of the time I'm very passive and blow them off, but this week people have been pushing my peeve button (PMPB).

I love to drive, get from my Dad, I can drive across country and be perfectly happy.  I find it very relaxing and generally enjoyable - so what is my peeve here????  I will defend any one's right to drive at or below the speed limit.  If you are not comfortable driving at the speed limit, then for goodness sakes drive at a speed you are comfortable but DON'T drive in the left lanes when there are 2 or 3 other lanes to use!!!  People are supposed to pass on the left, do you remember than from driver's training??  Well, when you are going BELOW the speed limit and insist on being in the furthest left lane it is kind of hard to obey driving laws.  So please go at your slower speeds, enjoy the scenery long the highway, but do it in the right lane(s), leave the center and left to those of us who enjoy going the speed limit :)

Coming back from my Saturday venture I was stuck behind some people going below the speed limit in the left lanes and I found myself switching lanes to go around them, long with many, many, many other people.  There were 4 lanes, 5 when there was a communing lane, so no reason to be in the far left.

My second pet peeve is people who spend more time trying to pass off work to others than it would take to JUST DO IT.  I can't believe the time people spend thinking up reasons why something isn't their job, or why someone else could do it far better than they can, or why it would be more expedient to have someone else do it!!  When they could have just done it, gotten it over with and on to something more exciting.  Most often in the end you're going to end up doing it anyway, so why are you fighting it so much?  

However the real kicker to today's conversation with the "avoider" - is that they actually spent time talking to someone else trying to figure out who would be the appropriate person to do something that wasn't even assigned to them!!  I'm doing it, don't have a problem with doing it and I've been doing the same thing for 13 years, think I have a handle on what needs to be done.

OK, deep breath....big sigh.....time to get back to stitching.......  Below is a turtle my sister stitched for my son when he was born.....I've re-framed it and added matting and have it hanging in my grandson's room at our house.  I love turtles...slow and steady wins the race.....just not in the left lane that should be reserved for the rabbits who want to get there first.

Sandy - please leave your pet peeves, let me know I'm not alone....

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