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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Why are short work weeks so darn long?

Last week was such a long week, even thought I only worked 4 days.  It seems like you have to squeeze all 5 days into those 4 day...but love my 3 day weekends, so don't think I'll voluntarily give them up any time soon.  And since them are few and far in-between, I can live with long short weeks.  

I had high hopes for the weekend since I really didn't do any stitching all week, but it didn't happen.  I am finally getting my lady in mail tomorrow to the framer.  I wanted to called first to make sure she still had the information we'd decided on when I was home in June.  She did :)  So we are set.  And finally getting my sister's birthday present off to her - well part of it, still need to knit the second sock.  

As for my weekend my hubby wanted to eat at Golden Corral, which had been adverting on our local stations like crazy for the past week.  So I googled, well actually Bing'd their name and came up with two locations.  One was in Temecula, which just happens to be where the Wool Lady resides.  Thought must be karma!!  I'd been wanting a reason to go and see the shop.  I really want to learn to hook rugs...I want to be a hooker LOL  Wool Lady was the closest shop I could find that was listed as a shop with rug hooking supplies.  Their website also showed they did classes, but nothing had been set up, all of it was TBA.  I wanted to see what they had, check out their classes/lessons and see what else might spike my interest.  

Well wasn't that impressed with the shop, they had some knitting yarn, lots of wool appliqué and a few patterns for hooked rugs.  I asked about lessons and was told she did them Mon - Thursday during the day, so that was a no go.  The owner was very nice and willing to do lessons in the evening, but the shop is 50 miles away, over the mountains, after work wasn't going to work either.  She said because it's a tourist town, that weekends were out so she suggested a guild in my area to join and we left empty handed.

Next stop was at the Temecula Olive Oil Company.  When I told my husband about it, he kind of poop-pooped me off, but while we were there he 'consented' to going in...Well you can see from the pictures we walked out with several different olive oils and vinegars :)  Never did oil shots before, and loved how they paired the vinegar with the oils.  We used olive oil when we cook, for dipping bread and on our salads.  I love balsamic vinegar on my greens, tomatoes and french fries :)   So to get 10% off our order, we also signed up for the olive oil club - which is 2 new olive oils 4 times a year.  Our kids and several other family members love to cook too, so will be sharing what we get with different people.   Looking at their locations there is one a little bit closer, so when we go to pick up our December oils.  This will allow us to venture to another area we've not been and see what other trouble we can get into and the two other shops are around San Diego where there are several quilt shops and needlepoint shops to visit :)

After we got done there we hit a small quilt shops that carries Civil War reproductions fabrics.  I love the warm colors of the fabrics.  Saw their new block of the month club, but resisted because it starts in about a month and I really don't need another block coming each month that gets put aside because I'm doing other things.  But I did get a small doll quilt which I really do want to get out, cut and sewn for my Granddaughter for Christmas for the doll we got her last year. 

After making my hubby suffer through the extremely hot weather, walking up and down old town and coming into shops he generally avoids, it was time to do something he really wanted to do.   What we found out was the Golden Corral had closed down a while ago and was now a Chinese Buffet.   The only other one within driving distance was 90 miles from where we were, so we opted not to go, personally that wasn't my favorite place to eat, but figured I could go if hubby was willing to do what I wanted for the day.  Just goes to show Bing isn't really any better than Goggle, and its very disappointing that businesses don't seem to care if information is updated on the Internet.  So we opted to drive back home and find something to eat there.
After he got fed he wanted to go to the car lot to "just look".  Since he drove his truck back to KY this summer we've been a one car family.  Well to make a long post a little bit shorter, he ended up driving home in a new car.  While I wasn't crazy about getting a new car just yet, I knew he really was frustrated with being a one car family.  The last time we only had one vehicle, he had control over the vehicle, so it was me who was stuck at home more often than not.  This time he's retired and I'm working, so unless he wants to get up with me in the morning, he's the one stuck at home.   It is a cute car and does have a sun roof, so I might "borrow" it every now and then to run around.  It gets pretty good gas mileage, but unlike my car, this one wants the expensive gas.  My car likes the cheap stuff and gets the same mileage :)  
I did work last Monday on my Painted Pony Princess angel, but hadn't touched her again.  I finished the hair, put on a beaded crown and some of the beads on one of the wings.   Most of what is left will be beaded, so hope it goes fast!!  I've got the beads on my Beading Buddy, still not totally sold on it as being useful, but it's better than a dish at this point.

Hope you all had a great weekend and got more stitching done than me.  My goal for this week is to get my new craft table assembled.  It will have a cutting area large enough for my new cutting mat, so hoping to get some quilt squares cut out.  Once I get them cut I will sew them up, its just the cutting part I don't like, I really enjoy sewing.  


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