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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy (a bit early) Halloween Hop :)

This year I joined the Halloween Hop and my letter is:


as it  OWL or whoooooooo or oooooohhhhh la-la  you can take you choice.  The Owl is probably my oldest UFO - it was one of my first needlepoint attempts, started back in the 70's.  As you can tell, I didn't know what I was doing, and it will take some stretching to get back into shape for framing.  One day I'll finish it and frame it, it was for my Mom, but I may just keep it for myself now.  She has my Tri-chem pillow cases with Owls - which really tells you my age, most of you probably don't even know what those were!!  Adult color crayons LOL.

After you get done with my blog, please hop on over to this one

I'm still working on my needle punch witch, hopefully it won't be a UFO for 30 some years LOL.  I think I might bring it out soon and finish it up.  

The rest of my stash of Halloween designs and I've added captions to tell you the designer if I remembered.

Ornament from the 2010 or maybe 2011 JCS 

Little Witch by Shepard Bush
Thine is the Trick and Tree by Prairie Moon
My pillow case :)
My first pillow case

Little Boo by Shepard Bush

Halloween Tree by M Design

Witch by Painted Pony


  1. I love all your detailed projects, have a great day and many spooky xxx!

  2. I love, love, love your blog header!!! All your other halloween designs are fab too, especially the pillowcases! The Trick or Treat design looks brilliant in that thread and that cat is cute. Thank you for sharing them all and Happy Halloween!

  3. Hi Sandy! I'm a new follower and found you through the blog hop! Beautiful Halloween crafting!


  4. Happy Halloween to you too! You must really love Halloween, you stitched many lovely pieces.

  5. Hello Sandy,
    I am new to your blog! You have beautiful stitching. I see you started Spirit Dancer in 2013. After many years I finally finished Spirit Dancer for my husband in January 2013. Thank you for the letter. Happy Halloween!

  6. Halloween Heaven! Hello from a new reader! Love your Halloween work :D

  7. I have Halloween envy, love your pieces!

  8. Great Hallowe'en stitching, and I love the witch in your header with the fluffy ginger hair

  9. Lots of spooky stitches! This year was my first ever halloween stitch, but I see plenty more in my future! :D

  10. Gorgeous! I love the Halloween tree especially. Oooooo and thanks for the letter.

  11. Spookacular post! Your witch needlework for the main header on your blog - AMAZING!!!
    All your Halloween projects are DARLING DARLING DARLING!!! Great post. I am now following your blog thru Bloglovin.
    Happy Halloween! love Annette

  12. Thanks for taking part. You have a great display of Hallowe'en pieces but Trick and Treat is my favourite, it's inspiring me to finish mine!

  13. You have such a nice collection of Halloween stitchery! The owls do look like the 70's - I love them! "Thine is the Trick or Treat" is definitely on my wish list. I found you through the blog hop. Happy Halloween.

  14. That ornament with the little witchy kitty and the cauldron is especially cute :)

  15. Loe your work. Fabulous pieces!