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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Quiet time with big aspirations for stitching and sewing

Well, I have some quiet time this week while hubby is at his uncle's funeral in TN.  He'd just gotten back from visiting family in IL, IN, MI and KY and had said he was home until next summer.   This was totally unexpected and so very sad, as his uncle is about his age, and their children are the same ages as ours, not to mention they have 3 girls and 1 boy like us :).

We will miss his uncle dearly, only wish I could have gone too, but no vacation time :(   And yes we frequently do separate vacations, mainly because hubby retired 20 years ago and I'm still working.  And his family is so big that it takes him weeks to make the rounds, mine is smaller and none of us live close, so I generally see them when there is a wedding or other big event.  We do a lot of long weekends together doing things for us!!  Can't wait for retirement - only 8 years away!!

So while he's away I will:

  1. Assemble my ornament to mail off.  After work today I went and got the material for the backing and some trim to go around.  
  2. Put the borders on my Dr. Seuss Quilt  
  3. Cut out at least 10 pillow cases for gifts
  4. Pull flannel out of my stash for 2 baby quilts
  5. Work some more on my Trick and Treat design
  6. Put Lizzy on the floor stand to work on!!

I did so a little stitching on Sunday and got a little bit more done on my Trick and Treat design.  I had to remove one stitch from the crow :(  I was off someplace and it ran into the next motif.  But didn't think it looked too bad, so not going to sweat the small stuff here.  At least I know I won't be chasing that stitch around!!   Was going to pull out my CB afghan and might still pull it out this weekend to work on, as long as the weather is cool it won't be bad to stitch on.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and got in some quality stitching time.  .


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