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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Another weekend is almost over…

Starting Point
And while I would have loved to go to Disneyland today, it just wasn't in the cards this morning.  Maybe we'll go in a couple of weeks.  Next weekend we have family coming so will be busy running around.  Going to a Teddy Bear show in San Diego and will do impromptu shop hopping to the quilt stores and needlepoint shops from here to there.

So here is my stitching progress from this weekend.  I've been working on one large project and one smaller project.  I like the change up and it keeps me interested and wanting to stitch.  I'm hoping my stitching mojo is here to stay this year :)

End of the weekend
I pulled out August's fairy to work on, I was hoping to get all of the hair and neck area.  I still have a few more rows of flush to go, before I start the arm, but did make good progress.  The hair looks a little bit odd, the open area was not missed - there is an embellishment that will be attached.  And lots of beads, those will all be added when I'm done.

Starting Point
End of the weekend
On Friday night I pulled out my Bent Creek Spooky Halloween Mantle.  I'm close to being done with the first of three charts.  Need to add another bat in the sky and a few more moons and 2 more pumpkins.  Boy when i start to list out what still needs to be stitched, it seems like a lot!!  But on the happy side I had to expand the q-snaps last night, so must be making progress.

Hope you all have a great weekend too!!


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