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Friday, February 28, 2014

Another rag quilt on the horizon

A co-worker from my last job send me an e-mail with a picture of new grandson, he was 12 weeks early.  I thought I had more time to decide if I was going to do a rag quilt, and if so what I would do.  Well, given that he's just a wee one and needs to be kept warm I've decided I need to get it sewn sooner rather than later.  So I found 4 different fabrics that I liked which will make a nice blanket for a premie.

The yellow squares are already sewn - they were from another rag quilt that I had done and then not used.  So only have to sew up 30 squares, will start later on tonight.  Starting tomorrow we'll have a guest for a while, so won't have access to my sewing machine.

One of the other rag quilts that I mailed has been floating around.  Thought it was coming back here, but then the mail service turned it back around and send it back to KS.  I'm hoping it's found its way to the new baby girl that was born earlier this week.  It was mailed on time, and would have been delivered on time had I known that they moved in-between sending me their address and me mailing out the blanket.  

Each year I get season tickets for the theater.  I always took one of my kids to each play and then one with my hubby.  Since we've moved to California I've not been able to go :(  but don't want to lose my great seats so each year I get them for my kids as a Christmas present.  The Lion King is coming back, if you've not ever seen the play I would recommend that you do.  It is great, we took our grandson the first time we saw it and I remember thinking - what in the world was I thinking going to a matinee with 1,000 kids!!  Let me tell you there wasn't one child that misbehaved in the audience.  They were all into the play, the costumes are fantastic and of course who doesn't know and love the music?  My son has already laid claims to this one, I'm sure he'll take his son who will be 4, but I'm thinking I might need to get a couple extra tickets for my granddaughter so she can see it as well.  I'm sure her Mom would take her, if not her Aunt Marie or Aunt Sara would for sure.

Last here is my update on Bent Creek's Spooky Mantle.  The Owl needs french knots for the eyes yet, and I need to finish up the section to the right which will have a cat as well as the small moon.  So section 2 is about 1/2 done.  I am enjoying stitching on this, it doesn't take a lot of my attention.

Happy Stitching!!


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