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Saturday, February 15, 2014

I'm DONE with one of my Goals!!

I'm so happy that I have both baby rag quilts done and will mail them off on Monday.  One is going to my daughter's friend from Ft. Smith AR (she doesn't live there anymore, but will always be Ft. Smith Nikki to us vs. Saginaw Nikki who was the same daughters best friend since pre-school/day care).  The one shown is for my granddaughter who is scheduled to make an appearance in another week, but her Mom thinks it might be sooner - 2 trips to the hospital, and 2 trips homes empty handed.  Mom is disappointed, but Grandma being older and wiser knows it's still a tad bit too early and is happy to wait another week.

I also finished up Chart 1 of 3 on the Spooky Halloween Mantle.  Expect for attaching the buttons and the mantle goes across the whole width of the fabric, but I've only done a small section of it.

So without any further ado here is the new blanket for baby Arwen due next week.  I did this one in a 9 patch design.  The blanket measures 42" wide by 63" long - I know a little bit bigger than a normal baby blanket, but I wanted it to grow with the baby.

The other blanket I posted a picture of a short while ago measured 42" wide by 56" long.  A little bit smaller, but not much.

Below the blanket is my update on Spooky Halloween Mantle :)

Lets see what I can accomplish tomorrow!!  I'm on a roll now!!