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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Making deals with myself, how could I not win?

Do you do that?  Make deals with yourself?  If you stitch so much on this project, you reward yourself with equal stitching on something else, or starting a new project?  Well, I spent this morning going to 3 different needlepoint/cross stitch shops looking for some thread to replace the white rayon that I'm using on my angel.  I really don't like using that thread, it's the whole reason the angel wasn't finished 10 years ago when I started her.  After my travels, I didn't find anything that would work, well lots that would work, but none that wouldn't involve taking out what I've already gotten done…..ssoooooooooo I decided to make a deal with myself.   If I stitch 5 to 6 pre-threaded needles with the white rayon, then I can stitch on something I want :), that doesn't involve being totally frustrated.  So I thread up the needles this afternoon and stitched them all :)  See the empty needles above!!  Doesn't look like much yet, but we are getting there!!  Also working on my floor stand is making it a lot easier to stitch because I can use both hands to keep the thread from tangling.  I might do some of the purple later on today…..

But for now I can get back on my Lizzy Kate, which I've been working on during the week after work.  I'm not sure I like the white hearts on it, but going to wait until I have everything around it to see if I like it any better.  I did get some more of the brown thread on my ventures this morning, but that was ALL I got, can't believe I was so good.  I had two skeins that I got with the chart, but decided that since I was almost through one whole skein already and not half way through the pattern, I most likely would run out before I was done.  I guess I'm not as frugal with my thread as others.  Anyway, I would rather have extra thread to use on a future project, then not have enough to finish the current project.  I think she uses the same brown on a couple other of her designs that are similar, so it won't go to waste.

Going to finish up my line of pink flowers, then maybe pull out something else to work on before I work up the courage to thread up 6 needles in that yucky white rayon thread……..My deals are very one sided, but since they are with myself, who's going to complain?  I will get the angel done, it's just not going to be a fast as I would have liked, but I'm committed to getting it finished this year.

Happy stitching, happy deal making!!  Surely I'm not the only one out here who needs to bribe themselves to get things done!!



  1. I make deals with myself all the time. It's the only way some canvases get stitched. Deal: I will stitch for 15 minutes on X and then I can stitch on anything else I want. That is how I finally finish X. Sometimes I get carried away and keep stitching for 30 or 50 minutes. It's amazing how just picking up a project helps with its completion!!

  2. Sandy, I think we all do that! Good on you for sticking with a project that you are not particularly enjoying at the moment.

  3. I know rayon thread is hard to stitch with but seeing the results of your progress on your angel looks beautiful. Oh yes I think we all do that too - making deals with ourselves. Beautiful stitching. love Annette