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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Was the moon full?

I totally missed posting for the full moon this month :(  I had the question of the month all answered, but didn't really have any updates to post, so I just let it slip away without notice.

Actually I made a quick trip to see my daughter and grand daughter and gave my hubby a small respite from caring for her.  The granddaughter is pretty resourceful at 6 and keeps Pawpaw in line, but since she can't drive yet, she needs him to take her to school and pick her back up.

It was a great trip, met her doctors and nurses and learned how to disconnect her tubing and take out the needle after her in-home treatment.

AND the most important part of the trip, my granddaughter has decided she wants to learn to stitch!!  She actually did some of the stitching on my L*K* design!!  Sorry the pictures are so poor, but didn't feel like turning on all the lights.  I would start the "x" and she would finish it.  She did the blue x's in the green square, some of the x's in the words we, do and Real.

I'm hoping to go back in May for another week, but haven't decided quite when yet, mostly depends on the cost of the flight and getting the time off from work.

Last, I started a new sock for said granddaughter, all of her other socks have been out grown or have worn out, so time to get knitting.  Was planning on taking this with me, but left it sitting on the floor next to where my carry on bag had been sitting.

The best news of the month, between hubby being gone, me not much into cooking and taking a week off our electric bill this month was under $17!!!  That means extra money to enhance my stash!!

This weekend its back on my angel :)  going to go and find some new thread to replace the white rayon, so wish me luck.  If I don't find anything this weekend I'll keep working on the purple :)


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