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Friday, May 2, 2014

Guess who is coming to live in CA?

Nope not any of the kids, although it would be nice to have one or two of them closer to us…

Ms. Kitty will be coming to live with us this summer since our granddaughter will be moving into our house and she is allergic to cats.   I know that sounds funny, but when I took my current job we had to move away from our house, so our kids live in the house while we live in an apartment.

We got Ms. Kitty from my our daughter-in-law's family farm when she was barely old enough to leave her mother about 4 1/2 years ago.  Her mother had been killed (we suspect by unsupervised kids) and there were 3 kittens who needed homes.  I had just lost my dear Abby, who had eaten my sewing thread (so be sure to keep it out of their reach, they can't digest it and it gets caught in their intestines) and had been mopping around.  I was told she was a very sedate kitten and would love to sit on my lap.  Abby would sit on my lap while I stitched, never tried to grab the needle or thread….she was my sweetie…..

Anyway, looking at that face…how could you not melt.

Well, she as a sedate kitten until she got a good meal in her belly and all heck broke loose.  She had a habit of "borrowing" full skeins of thread, her favorite being Silk'n'Ivory, but will slum with just a skein of silk if needed.  Can't tell you how many I use to find in my daughter's room.  She wouldn't tear it apart, she just liked carrying it around.   After we moved (taking all of my thread with me), she started to 'borrow' socks, clean, dirty didn't matter to her and only ONE of the pairs, never  both.  So I'm wondering if she will go back to 'borrowing' thread or will stick with socks - hoping for the socks, our apartment is small enough I could would find them at some point.

She is also our mighty hunter - of course she liked the bird that was in the house, the ones outside are a little too big, and you know that yard was a lot bigger on the other side of the window.  Which is fine, here she'll have to be in indoor kitty, but the bird has since passed away and we don't have any.  So she will have to be happy hunting in her dreams and watching the birds outside our windows.  BTW, she never did figure out how to open up the cage door, but that didn't stop her from trying :)

I'm still trying to figure out where her kitty litter box will be, I'm thinking under the bathroom sink in my bathroom.  Hubby says he doesn't like the cat, but when he's home he doesn't shut  her out of his bedroom, and he's not beyond dropping them pieces of food or sitting and petting them while watching TV.  He's even been known to have a conversation or two with our various cats.  But not going to push the issue with putting the litter box in his bathroom, which is actually bigger than mine.

As for me, I'm happy to have my baby coming back with me on me next trip home.  She's a lot older than these pictures.  I didn't have recent ones other, but not a lot bigger.  And she still has that wild look in her eyes, just waiting to see what she can get into next and she looks guilty even when she's not LOL

So I guess its time for me to clean up the guest room so I can properly store my threads and keep them out of temptations why……that's Ms. Kitty


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