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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How many needles do you keep in each project?

As I was stitching over the weekend I thought, I wonder how many needles other people keep with each of their projects.  I've learned the hard way NOT to leave needles in projects that are banished to the UFO bin or worse yet the dreaded "box" under the bed.  When those projects come back out they've had rust stains :(

When I start a new project it seems that I like to put 3 needles on the project.  Why 3 - no clue, can't be one of my many Monk quirks, surely he would have put an even number (most likely 10).  It's not like I stitch with more than one needle at a time - I might have two threaded, and occasionally I might venture to 3 or 4, but that is generally short lived and only while I'm actively stitching because I can't keep them all straight.  And of course I have my pin cushion and needle keeper close at hand just in case I might need another needle.   Sometimes the projects end up with just one and other times I will end up with 5 or 7 needles stick on the edges.  I like stitching with shorter needles, they just feel better when I working with them.  I also like sturdier needles, but know that when I work with higher count fabric that I have to defer to the lighter weight needles.

I guess as long as there are people like me the needle makers won't go out of business.  At the moment I most likely have 30 or more needles between my current WIP's :)

Now for a little bit of progress:

I finished up chart #3 of the Flock - still need to add the buttons, but will do that last in case I have to move the q-snaps over any stitched area.  While I have some pretty long q-snaps, I don't know if I can make it wide enough.

Next I worked on my Lizzy Kate - At our House - don't you hate it when you run out of thread just a few stitches before something is finish!!  That is what happened to me on the blue area, I was short by 5 x's!!  Oh well, it got done and I'm officially 1/2 through the chart :)  I can almost FEEL the finish!!

This weekend I'll work on my Ice Angel and my SB - Sophie's Stocking.  I've been thinking about the stocking, while summer has just started, I can't help to think that Christmas will sneak up on me and I won't have it done.  

I should also finish up my Painted Pony Princess angel - all that is left is literally the ribbon on the wand, the flag on the castle and attaching the star and the charms.  It's been like this for months!!  I think that needs to be my goal for the weekend and the full moon :)  I'm going to finish it myself into a hanging ornament.

 Until next time - may your needle(s) stay attached to your work and may your thread make it to the end of your row.



  1. WOW! Love all your wips! I had a good laugh with you leaving so many needles in your projects - LOL.
    I used to do that to but got so confused when there were more than 2 or 3 of same color family. Honestly changing threads while stitching with one needle wastes time. Good for you:)
    Beautiful stitching and great progress. love Annette

  2. Gorgeous stitching. Unlike the number of projects I have on the go, I am a one at a time stitcher when it comes to needles.