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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Another finish :)

OK, I really didn't have a lot to do, all of the stitching was done, just needed to add the ribbon and the star.  Will sew on the charms and finish it into a hanging ornament for my grand-daughter door at her new home.  I like how it turned out, wish I had just stitch through the ribbon part because it was hard getting the actual ribbons to cover that area of the canvas.

In celebration of the finish I bought a new chart :)  My grand-daughter wanted a "D" with mermaids.  After we got the chart and most of the threads and beads, she decided that maybe it would have been better with the fairy….oh dear.  So we decided we'd do it with the mermaid and then look at doing another initial with a fairy at a later date.

I also took my Lizzy Kate - Our House in to be framed, picked out a blue frame that matched the blue thread perfectly.  Can't wait to see what it will look like!!

Hope you are all having a wonder start to your summer, now to get focused on some serious stitching for the full moon that is will be here before I'm ready that's for sure.


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