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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Full Moon # 6 in Sunny California

This is the 6th full moon of the year and I should have more done than I do.  For the most part I've abandoned the projects I had wanted to complete at the beginning of the year.  Can't tell you the last time I had out Peace Angel or August Fairy :(  They have not been banished to THE BIN yet and I will try to bring them out for a weekend soon.

I did manage to finish my Painted Pony Princess, now I need to actually finish it into a hanging ornament for my granddaughter.  I actually finished up my Lizzy Kate - "At Our House", and it's at the framer being framed.  It will be hang in our house in KY with our kids.  I posted pictures of both a while back, so not going to repost again.  As for what I've been working on this month?

I'm so close to having my Bent Creek Spooky Halloween Mantle done I can taste it!!    Sorry that the current picture is sideways.  Any other time I take a picture that way the camera turns it, this time it didn't.  I'm on the 3rd and final chart.  The pumpkins are almost done, then will add the ghost and finally the witch.  I want to have this done soon so I can get it framed.

I also worked a little bit on SamSarah's The Flock, but didn't get another chart completed yet, so will hold that for another time.  If I go to the GTG with our Southern Cal stitchers, I'm sure it will get done.

I also worked a little bit on my stocking, but again, not enough to post.  I need to get that done soon so I have time to finish it and ship it home for Christmas.  Hoping to post a picture with progress next month.

I'm working a new sock.  I took apart the other one I had been working on, it was too small for my granddaughter and while home I found this really pink yarn.  Since she loves pink so much, decided to restart using this color and making the sock a little bit bigger.  The color isn't good on the picture, it is not showing how absolutely pink it is with a little bit of purple.

I was hoping to get to the purple part again and then turn the heel, but may have to turn the heel while I'm still working with the pink.  My goal is to have the heel done before my daughters and granddaughter come for a visit at the end of June so we can do another try on and figure out how long the foot needs to be knitted.  I tend to knit one sock then figure out the other one, I don't count my rows ahead of time.

The question this month is - Have you ever been to a stitch gathering such as a retreat or a festival?  If so tell us about it.

Unfortunately I have not been to one, maybe one day.  I have belonged to different groups over the years, and we've done get-togethers, or even weekend stitch-ins, but nothing really formal or structured.  Would like to one day, maybe after I retire.



  1. Your Halloween Stitching is so cute.

  2. I love your spooky mantle. And the pink socks ... she's gonna love 'em!

  3. The Spooky Halloween Mantle looks amazing! It's so bright and crisp against the fabric you chose!