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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Waxing crescent moon is 2%

The full moon is 13 days and several hours from today sooooooooo…..I need to get my stitching in gear so I'll have something to post!!  I've been in a stitching funk again, I think it's because I have a project that I really would like to have done, but can't stand stitching with the rayon thread.  I've tried to bargain with myself, bribing myself, threatening myself (that doesn't work because you know you won't go through with it LOL) and doing the in-your-face thing.  But nothing seems to motivate me to work on it, so it sits there and I sit here.
So today I went to our Southern California get together at the Corner Bakery in Chino Hills.  I took 3 projects to work on, and managed to work on 2 of the 3…  First up is SB's Peter's Patch.  The previous picture (you'd have to look WAY back to find it) had only the back outline which is a running stitch.  I added the small motifs in the 4 corners.  Then I needed to add something for the top row so I'd know which way was up :)  So I did the top outer border, part of the two top inter squares and started to x-stitch the inter border.  

It was fun to work on and I might do a little bit more yet tonight.  Anyway it's out of the footstool and placed with the projects that I can just pick up and work on at a moment's notice.

The BIG NEWS, I did managed to get my Bent Creek finished :)  I didn't actually finish it at the stitch-in, needed to attach the buttons at the bottom and add the french knots for the bat's eyes.  So that's what I worked on when I got home and it is done!!  So I can cross another one off the list.  Can't decide if I want to finish it into a pillow or frame it.  Most likely will get it framed.

I'm going to add a new start to my long list of projects.  Got word that my nephew and his wife are having a baby before the end of the year.  It's still a secret so shhhhhhh don't tell anyone yet.  They will most likely announce the big event in another week or two.  I had two stockings picked out for them, so needed to know if it was going to be a girl or boy.  Heard it will be a little girl and has an impossibly LONG name!!  So I got the speciality threads last weekend and need to find some material now and pull the rest of the DMC perle cotton #5.  I will start it soon - in the mean time I need to work on the one for my granddaughter.   So hopefully will have some progress on that before the moon is full.

Hope you are all stitching up a storm!!  



  1. Congrats on finishing Bent Creek Halloween!!! It looks fantastic. Great progress for pre-moon post - lol.
    And how exciting to have another baby in the family. love Annette

    1. Thanks, I'm trying to have some little finishes along the way with my larger projects.

  2. I've got two babies coming in to the family in November and December. It's such an exciting time!! Glad you've got your stitchy bug back. I hate it when mine goes for a wander...

    1. Congrats on the two pending additions to your family. My sister is a quilter so she will be doing a quilt or 2 for the baby. But I think I'll still do a rag quilt with flannel and the christmas stocking. It's going to be a little girl :) my personal favorite.