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Sunday, September 21, 2014

2 Days to the New Moon

Which means we're almost half way to the next full moon….I'm doing more stitching this year than last year, and hope to do even more next year.  When I'm stitching I wonder why I don't spend more time doing it, and when I'm not stitching, all I want to do is look at what others are working on.

When I go into a shop, I love seeing what others are stitching if there are groups sitting around a table.  Love looking at the shop models, have gotten several charts because of the shop models, or someone else was stitching it.  To me all shops should provide and encourage people to come and stitch, even if people bring their own stuff purchased elsewhere.  You never know who is looking and will want to order it :)

So what have I been up too?  Well is my progress over the last couple of weeks.  No finishes really but getting there :)

 The stocking is finished except for the embellishments.  I will iron it, then sew on the beads and such that come in their bead pack.  then will find something special to add just for Arwen.  Son's idea was a little bit expensive, so decided against it, but have some other ideas in mind.

I finished the 7th chart in The Flock!!  so it's officially more than 1/2 done now.   The 8th chart will take me to the right hand edge - can't wait!!

The last update is my fairy.  She actually has more done than this picture, but didn't get it uploaded yet.  Hoping to have more done before the full moon.

Hope you are all having a wonderful September, the heat has finally past here.  Hopefully not to return any time soon.  I'm not a summer person, would not survive in the desert.  My salvation during the heat was looking at jobs in Alaska….didn't find anything, so guess it wasn't meant to be.


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