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Sunday, November 16, 2014


I have some things that I've started and have "trouble" getting motivated to complete them.  One of them (and no picture) was a chemo cap for my sister.  I knitted several of them for a co-worker who had been diagnosed with cancer about a year before my sister without any problems.  I knitted one for my sister-in-law when she started her chemo, but I think when it was my sister, completing the cap became so difficult because it was admitting she has cancer.  I've knitted and re-knitted it at least 3 times before I pretty much put it away.  It was too small, too big, too loose, you name it, I used it as a reason.  I knitted her socks that were wool free to keep her feet warm, in fact I think I've knitted her 2 pairs of socks now, but can't bring myself to finishing up the cap.

The other item is my daughter's angel "Ice Angel".  I know I point to the rayon thread and complain about it, but deep down I have a hard time working on it because it's admitting that she isn't going to be with us much longer.  I will finish the angel, but for now emotionally I find it hard to work on, when I do I find myself crying more than stitching…so when given a choice I will pull out something that isn't as emotionally charged.

So why do we really procrastinate on projects?  Well, for me it's normally something that is/was emotionally based, although there has been a few projects that I really just don't like working on, and generally it's only the section when I stopped.  The latter UFO's I can get past and they are finished, but the emotional ones are harder to get past.

As I look at my starts for the new year, I'm looking at working on projects that bring me happiness so maybe I can shake my procrastination.  There are WIP's in there, which include the "Ice Angel" and will be part of my Ultmate Crazy 31 starts in 31 days.

Will the chemo cap get finished?  Probably not, it's buried deep in the closet for now.  I think I will rip it out again and maybe do a cotton wash cloth with it.  I will work on the Ice Angel because I have a granddaughter that needs to know her Mom will always be with her no matter what happens in her life.  It will be important to get it done and framed sooner rather than later.  Once I get past that darn white rayon then I can complain about the blending filament LOL.

On a happy note - here is the stocking for my grandniece.  I'm waiting on a special charm from my sister to add to it before it's sewn into a stocking.  I should have the stockings finish up sometime next week and will post a new picture then, with Arwen's stocking.  Not sure the rag quilt for her will be done in time to ship home for Christmas, but will try.  I have to get The Flock done in the next 2 weeks so it can be framed for Christmas.

Little Ms. Everett is over 4 pounds now and should be home the first part of December.  She is strong and healthily and such a wonderful additional to our family.  Unfortunately I will miss her baby shower, just couldn't arrange to go to CO in December, but hope to make a quick trip next Spring!!  Will see if i can't get an updated picture of her soon.



  1. beautiful stitching

  2. When my sister was pregnant but sick with preeclampsia, I could not knit the baby cocoons. Took me until they were born and she was well again. I totally understand. Good luck.

  3. That is cute. I'm so sorry to hear about your family. I know how hard that can be with 3 of my grandparents. My thoughts are with you