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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Couldn't get over that bar with jumping pole

My creation - table runner
Many years ago I decided I really wanted to learn to weave…..but couldn't find anyone to really teach me and found that a loom, well the kind of loom I wanted, was slightly out of my financial reach.   Really didn't want to do triangles, or small squares and the table top looms didn't have a lot of options to them, I wanted a floor loom that I could do really BIG stuff on :)

I wasn't really defeated, my sister and I took a weaving class in Boulder, it was 2 days and I learned a lot.  I really had a great time and started to look for a loom in earnest.   Found that I could get a smaller floor stand that would have 4 to 8 shaft options, up to six peddles etc.

But as life goes, things got in the way and I wasn't able to buy one, then we moved and my space is VERY limited in our small apartment.  Hubby wasn't happy when I brought my sewing machine and all of my stitching stuff because it takes over the guest bedroom, if I could get rid of the bed I'd have more room, but that kind of defeats the purpose of having a "guest room" doesn't it?  I was told that the living room was out of the question, but still have my eye on the dinning area as a possibility of a new crafting area LOL.

my s-i-l's work
So what is the bar I can't get over?

My sister-in-law was given a loom about 3 or so years ago and started her journey.  I've not been able to go to their home and see her looms (yes she has 3 or 4 of them now), but I've seen her work and she is fantastic!!  She made me a scarf for Christmas and I couldn't believe the pattern she used - I am overwhelmed.  All I would say to my brother when he called to wish us a Merry Christmas was for him to rely to his wife that she had set the bar so high with her weaving that I'd be a fool to try it now.

Will I ever try weaving and have my own loom?  Someday I really would like to, and who knows maybe I can spend some time with her and have her teach me.  But will I get as good as she is?  Not likely, I'm more of a jack of all trades and a master of none type person.  I enjoy the dabbling in different crafts but often get bored with them after a while.  Stitching has been the only craft that has really stuck for any length of time.  For now I'll just keep my eye on that bar and watch it sore up higher as she gets better.  I'm not envious at all, well except for that green eye thing that keeps happening.  I know she has worked very hard at her craft and just happy that she is sharing some of it with me.


  1. Your sister's work is beautiful and so is your table runner. I hope you get to improving your weaving skills one day.

  2. What a beautiful scarf she made you! Hopefully one day you will have space for a loom or you may have found something you love more by then. xx