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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas to all…..

We had a wonderful visit with our children and other family members.  The only problem was 3 weeks was just not long enough and I didn't want to come home.  While home we got up to Michigan to see my folks and my husbands brother and sister and my sister.  I don't get up to Michigan as often as I would like, so it was nice to see everyone.   Generally our trip includes a ride by our old house, this time we didn't get a chance :(  The house wasn't much to look at, but we really loved the house, it was our first real home together as a family, so it was special.  We did get our fix of Tony's Olive burger (my favorite), and made several grilled cheese sandwiches with Spatz's bread - sure do miss that bread!

While in KY we got to see our 2 kids by other parents.  Our son was home on leave from Virginia,  he surprised hubby and myself when he had his Dad drop him off at our house and then his Mom picked him back up.  He is the son of an old co-worker of my husband.  He has been our faux son for 13 years, we've watched him grow up into a young man.  

Our faux daughter, has been our youngest friend since we moved back to KY 14 years ago (almost 15 years now).  She invited us over to see her home (I staked out my room LOL), wish I would have taken pictures, it is really  nice.  She will be out in CA as a traveling nurse in January and we are looking forward to spending time with her then.

We also went down to TN to see our oldest, I had 2 days of her to myself :)  Then shared 2 days with hubby, as he had 3 days over Thanksgiving to himself.  We had hoped to bring her up to KY to send the holidays with her sisters, but didn't work out, so we enjoyed our time with her.  Lots of laughing, some crying and many hugs and kisses.  Feel blessed I had the chance to spend the time with her.

Our son came over to the house with his wife and kids for early Christmas presents.  We had a great time, their daughter isn't a year old yet (it was her stocking that was finished at the last moment), she looks like my middle daughter and is always smiling, but does have a stubborn streak in her, you'd think she was another Leo, so I guess we'll keep her LOL.  Their son has taken a real liking to his Aunt Sara and wants to wrestle with her - it was fun to watch him "try" to pick her up - he is 3.  He was more talkative then usual and came and played with me.

The kids put up the Christmas tree, but with moving all of our oldest daughters stuff in the house, they weren't able to find a lot of the decoration.  Hopefully they found our grand-daughter's stocking.  We didn't find my needlepoint set (see above), nor the stocking holders to hold the stockings that we didn't find either.  Amazingly our youngest grandson's stocking was in one of the boxes they found, so he had his stocking for Christmas.

We did find my youngest daughter's Nativity set and that was put out in the living room.  I got her this for Christmas many years ago when we were in Ft. Collin's Colorado.   I really liked a needlepoint background for it, and was very temped to join the class being given by Amy's Golden Strand out of Memphis, but after adding up the initial cost of the canvas, thread and stitching guide, decided it was a bit too much for me (would have exceeded $800!!).  Oh well, I do have an old one in my stash that would work, just need to get it out and stitch it.

Hubby got small one with silver pieces from a co-worker when he worked as a cook in a local nursing facility (they loved having him cook for them as he has his degree in culinary arts).  This is the one we generally let the grand children play with during the season because they can't break the pieces.  The 2 old kids have had lots of fun rearranging the pieces over and over - but alas, it too wasn't found this year.

I wish I had a picture of my oldest daughter's set - I stitched the back ground and then got her Ms. Martha pieces.  She use to keep it out year round, the background was stitched on linen and I was off 1 thread when I connected the garland at the top -really ONE thread!!  No I didn't take out anything, figured only I knew where it was and as long as I didn't point it out, others would not notice.

My middle daughter got a more modern set that was white and silver - still need to find a back ground for hers.  Hers was also not found this year, but we are hopefully to have things sorted through by next Christmas so all of the decorations can be displayed.

I've not found one I like for my son, but I keep looking.

Did I tell you I love to put out Nativity sets?  I have 3 other sets that are generally set out as well, one was from my parents when I originally got married to my first husband 41 years ago, one is puzzle sort of - all of the pieces fit into the manger, but only in a certain way and the last one I got 2 years ago so I would have one in CA to display.   If it were up to me, I'd leave them all out all year long, but the kids over ruled me years ago, so they are all put away each year.

Sadly my angel wasn't able to grace the top of the tree - she has graced our trees for 41 years as well.  Hopefully she is in good health hidden behind boxes.  There has only been one other year she was not out.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and are able to spend it with the people that you love the most.  I feel so blessed to have my family, I'd be lost without them, no matter how much they can annoy me at times.

Oh, my sister got her x-stitch from me, The Flock by SamSarah and loved it.  I think it arrived at the right time as she is back in chemo - but like the bird, I have Faith, even when it's still dark.  My framer mailed it to her house, they do a great job of framing.

Now to get my needle and thread out and do some stitching!!  I have lots of projects to work on, just need to pick one and go to work.  But first I guess I should go and check on hubby, he came home with #1 Grand-daughter's cold.


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