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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Stitching Therapy this weekend

I'm been stitching off and on all weekend and it has felt pretty good.  I'm able to lose myself when I stitch and push aside the woos of the world.  I needed a little off-line time.

I'm no wheres near my stitching quest for the month - but that's OK, I have managed to work on 11 different projects this month and will most likely hit 15 by the end of the month.  Don't expect to hit the 31 I wanted, but will hit them all over 2015 at some point.

My Saturday start was Family by Dragon Fire Designs.  It is stitching faster than I thought it would and has been fun.  I'm disappointed that the DMC is darker than the chart's, so might try other colors when I do Friends.  I originally was going to use a black variegated thread for the words, but decided it was a little too dark for the chart.  So I found a variegated brown that I think will look good.  Can't wait to pull this out again and try it out.

I also started Nora Corbett's Letter A Mermaid for my granddaughter Arwen.  Since I'm doing the letter D for Donna, figured I should do the letter A as well.  I'm short some of the colors and had thought about going out and finding them this weekend, but just couldn't bring myself to leaving the house on Saturday.   I will look at going out next weekend, in the mean time I'm working around the colors I don't have.

Last start for the weekend was an Indigo Rose chart - St. Ives. I thought I had all of the colors for that one, but found that I didn't get the waterlilies it calls for, so I've add that to my list as well.  In the mean time I put in my lines for the sides and the middle, which helps me know if I'm off right away instead of waiting until I have the row completed.  I also started on the outer border which is blackwork pattern.  I'm not stressing out about the back looking like the front, I'm just enjoying the trip :)  Was happy to see that when I turned the corner and started the trip down I was still on count.  Love it when it all works out.

So now I'm trying to decided what to work on this evening.  Pulled out the possibilities and stacked them by my chair.  I have 3 WIP's in the pile and 3 new starts.  I'm leaning towards a WIP, one is so close to being finished I could actually hit a second finish for 2015!!

Thank you all for the comments.  I'm still weepy at times, but having some good moments during the day, so will go back to work tomorrow.  We are planning a celebration for my daughter's her life for the end of the month.  She only wanted close family, which on my side of the family means we all fit in my parent's living room.  On my husband's side of the family, that means you rent a hall.  So we are renting the community room at a local church were we grew-up and will invite "family" for the celebration.

Don't know how much stitching I will get done for the full moon in another 2 weeks, but hope to have more new stuff to post.  Until then I hope you all have enough thread in your needle to finish your row and may the frogs find another pond to play in :)



  1. Wonderful stitching :). I'm glad you're able to find some good moments to brighten your day a bit :)

  2. Stitching is like going to therapy, I'm glad it is helping you. Great progress on your stitching.

  3. So glad to hear your stitching therapy is bringing you some joy. :-)
    You sound like me... my family is small and DB's family is quite a bit bigger!

  4. Sandy, You and your family remain in my prayers and thoughts. Sue