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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Is the month over?

This has been a long month and while I'm excited it will be over soon, I'm not happy it will be over soon because I'm so far behind at work :(  And I've had a terrible cold for the last week.  So between working 10-11 hr days and the cold I've done no stitching at all.  I look at my WIPs each night, but then my eye spies the couch and it's all over with for me.

On a good note I am feeling better, so maybe I'll get some stitching done today so I'll have something to post for the full moon :)

In the mean time as the saying goes - those that have time and energy stitch, those who don't buy stash :)

So what have I been up to this last week or so?  I've been very bad about buying charts that I know I'll never get around to actually stitching, but I wanted them anyway so I got them.

I got a couple of charts from a local shop after the Nashville show, but didn't take any picture of them before putting them away.  I'm planning on starting one of them in the near future so I'll get pictures then.

Below are the ones I picked up yesterday from an order I placed at another LNS about a month ago.  These will most likely be 2016 starts as I need thread and material yet.

And I'm hoping my mail order will be here by the end of this week to round it all out.  I have 2 in there that I will definately be starting in April, maybe 3 :)

Well hopefully I'll have some progress to post with the full moon, so I guess I should do a little stitching today.



  1. One can never have too much stash, right?!


  2. I can thoroughly understand you about stash shopping. Some charts are for stitching immediately., some are for fondling them every now and then. And stitch them when the time comes, lol. These fairies look all so great.

  3. Gorgeous new stash! I especially like the last one, the flowers on her dress are wonderful. Hope your mono comes back soon.