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Friday, March 13, 2015

Second Great Grand Niece :)

My heart has been so heavy lately, but with the additions of 2 grand nieces in the last 6 months I'm feeling like the world is being set right again.  Don't get me wrong, I love my grandsons (2 of them), but little girls, well they just make me giddy all over.

Everett Pearl is doing well, she is home and doing so well.  My sister and daughter-in-law gave her a coming out party last weekend, only wish I could have been there.  Maybe now that my sister is finally coming into the 21st century and got a smart phone I'll actually get more pictures.  But until then I just get verbal reports on how wonderful she is doing.

This week my brother's step-son and wife blessed them was a little girl, she came into the world with a boat load of loving people waiting for her arrival.  My brother and his wife will go in April to see her, I'm sure my sil is planning to make the baby something special - she is an excellent knitter and weaver (I posted the scarf she made me for christmas a while back).

I asked my brother if he needed some tips on holding the baby since it's been awhile since his son was a baby (he is going on 15).  He didn't exactly say yes, but that didn't stop me, so I imparted the following:

Number 1 tip was NOT to take the baby from her grandmother until she was ready to hand her over.  His wife agreed that was sound advise.

The second tip was NOT to tell his d-i-l or grandmothers that they were holding the baby too much cause we ALL know that can NEVER happen.

He said he was sure he'd get to hold her sometime before she graduates from college, I told him that sounded about right.  Donna is 7 and I've still logged a lot more hours of holding her than hubby has :)

Our oldest daughter was a baker and I got her a magazine called American Cakes, which I renewed each year as part of her Christmas gifts.  The perks, other than occasionally getting to taste one of her creations, was getting the e-mails from the magazine company that featured different cakes.  I would copy them, send her a text and show her something I thought she could do, or that I thought was cute.  Anyway, this past week or so they had these cute little fishy cupcakes.  I think I could "nail" that one :)  Have debated unsubscribing, but for now I think I'll keep getting the e-mails until they figure out that I'm no longer renewing the subscription.

My middle daughter has always loved sushi, and being here in CA, it's almost expected to eat sushi.  I'm still not ready to really eat raw fish, as I'm not a real fish lover, but I have found a few things that I like.  So while hubby did his chinese buffet last weekend, I took a trip down the sushi bar and picked up a few things to try.  They were really pretty good, don't know what they are all, don't want to know, just know that I liked them.

So when I got home thought I'd stitch a little on middle daughter's August Fairy.  While she is calling to me, I have a new project that is really calling my name… who knows what I'll work on this weekend.

Hope you are all enjoying some warmer weather and getting in some quality stitching time.  I'm still really busy at work so my stitching time is limited to the weekends, but I can see the train at the end of the tunnel and it's coming full speed towards me - just hope I can make it out the end before it catches up to me.



  1. Hi,
    My name is Annie - from Sweden - and I've just found your lovely blog:) I cannot imagine the hardships you¨ve been going through lately...Sadly it doesn't seem as if I'll ever have children - or a husband for that - but I cannot imagine loosing my wonderful sister, or my mum or dad. Or my dogs... Life is sooo tough sometimes.
    Saying that, I love all your projects and I will continue to follow your blog. I love reading blogs by other stitchers who - like me - love to start new stitching project all the time. Makes me feel less guilty about my own stash - haha!

  2. Your fairy is really coming along, Sandy. Hope to make the next GTG! :)