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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Our Rising Star

My granddaughter got an award for being a Rising Star.  It is given to students who teachers have sent a letter to the national board (and I think it's the PTA, but don't quote me on that ).  Donna is so proud of her award, its made of marble and in her words is not a plastic trophy, so it must be good.   She also got a copy of the letter her teacher sent in, you can see it here as well.   Did I tell you that I'm so proud of her?   I know my daughter is watching over her and smiling at her accomplishments.

I have managed to do a little stitching, but not much.  My big accomplishment is a finish!!  My second one for 2015.   Also got my canvas, will take a picture of it once I get it out and on the stretcher bars.  Going to pull out about 4 canvases to work on along with my many, many x-stitch projects.  One of them is bound to be finished before year end….right?   If not, then 2016 will be my year of finished :)


  1. Your granddaughter seems to be a very special little person:) How wonderful for her to be recognized in this way! I'm sure her mum is having a huge smile on her face, wherever she is...!

  2. Awwwww! Congratulations to her, and you too. Love your finish.

  3. What a fantastic award to win, I am sure she will treasure it always. And the kind words of the teacher too.
    Your finish looks great too.

  4. You tell your adorable Rising Star how very proud we all are of her.

    I bet she checks on her trophy and dusts it daily :)