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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Full Moon? so soon?

Another full moon, can't believe it's here already, seems like I was just posting my pictures.  So here is this month's question:

June 2 – Topic:  Do you find yourself more productive with stitching in summer or winter?

Living in southern California now, there really isn’t much difference between summer and winter.    I think for me, the question should be which day of the week are you most productive.  I find that I enjoy stitching on Sundays and sometime Friday nights.  Saturday is hit and miss depending on what I have going on that day.  During the week I'm usually too tired when I get home from work.  
Even when I had real winters and summers I would stitch equally in either, but then my craft area was always in the basement, so wasn't dependent on sunlight.  I'm probably a person who would do well in Alaska as I prefer the dusk to the sunrise.

So what have I been working on this past month?

Nora's August Peridot Fairy got the most attention, but that's because I can feel the finish.  The wing went faster than I had hoped and love the colors.  Once I get all the black in the rest of the skirt will go fast as well.  I want to have her framed for my daughter's birthday in August :)  So she needs to be done by the end of June!!

Next up is my Nora's  Letter A Mermaid - not a lot of progress.  Felt like more than it looks.  I'm starting on the water which is a lot of color changes.  Hopefully I'll have the rest of the mermaid in by next posting.  Debating doing the outer border.

Next up is another Nora design - worked a little bit on the Letter D Mermaid.  Again not a lot of progress but enough that I can notice it.

No updates on SB's Tina's Stocking - it is a new start that I posted a while back, I did stitch a little bit, but not enough that you'd notice.   Also worked on my SB's band sampler Angels Song, but not enough to post.

And last I got new material to start a new project :)  

This is for my Mother's Tree by Butternut Road.  I've done this one before and this will be the first time I've done a pattern twice.  So I'm doing it on something totally different.  The first one was done on a traditional linen, most likely the color called for by the designer.  However I did the tree in multi-colored thread and then used that thread for the year of each person listed and a coordinating color for the name.   It was done in warm colors.  

This one I most likely will use a solid color for the tree, than add color for the names, but will use something bold, dark blues, purples, pinks, and maybe orange.  Want to start this one before the year is out, but need to finish something else first.  I need to grid it to see how to arrange it all, thinking of putting the tree on the left with maybe a poem to the right.  Then the names below it.  Planning is half the fun then 25% in the start and 25% in the finish - the middle is boring as heck LOL

Hope you all have had lots of progress this trip of the moon around the earth.  I want to have more updates for next time as my really busy season at work ended.  Who knows I might even start stitching during the week.



  1. Your fairy looks beautiful

  2. All your projects are beautiful, and I especially love the fairy!

  3. Your Nora Corbett projects are looking beautiful! I look forward to seeing the August fairy finished - it'll be beautiful!

  4. All of your projects are beautiful and I love the fabric for your new start.

  5. They all look terrific. She's my favorite fairy

  6. gorgeous work ♥♥♥

  7. Great progress. I really love that fairy.