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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Stitching from the Stash

July             $25.00
Spent              (9.42)  Floss to finish heart
Balance       $16 58 forward to August

I know I'm a little bit early, but I have this really bad feeling coming that I'm going to be totally out of control.  I have found 2 charts that I would like, and of course I need more thread for a couple of projects I want to start.  So maybe this will help me control those urges, which BTW are worse than having a chocolate cake sitting on the counter and trying to diet :(  The cake can go in the trash, how do I squash my urge to get new stash?  Normally I would go and play in my charts and such, but I don't have them all here with me, soooooooo for now I will behave and maybe look for something new to start in my stash.  Goodness knows I have enough to keep me busy for a life time or two.

I was really hoping to have some finishings to post along with my monthly posting.  I am so darn close to having several things done, but this is the closet and would really help my spending balance.  So will need to get her done before the next posting.



  1. Good job on your sfs budget
    Maybe you could finish 2 wips before you indulge and treat yourself to a new pattern, allso then you earned some bonus for sfs :)
    Look forward to see how you handle this teribble temptation
    Hugs from Holland

  2. So pretty. Start stitching so you can earn money to buy the charts you want!