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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

SFS Update for August

Balance forward                $16.58
Spent                                   Nada
Earned                               Not Yet
New Money                       $25.00
Balance for September       $41.58

I thought for sure I would be in a negative position today, but the credit card gods must be working against me and I couldn't place my on-line order.  I guess on-line places are going to slowly require people to have an updated internet explorer to place orders with credit cards.  Since my computer is soooo very old (like about 5 years old), it can't be updated mainly because it's a Mac.  Which made me go out and look at new laptops, love the small Mac-Airs, but don't like the prices.  That would take a serious bit out of my fun money, like all of it and then some.

I had planned on going to a shop near my parent's house when I was home last month, but didn't get an opportunity to go.  I always give the credit card a work out when I go :)  Her husband use to open it up for me if she was closed, he knew I would make it worth his while.

I have another trip planned for home, but know I won't get any shopping time, my open day is a Monday and most shops are closed on Monday…….Like I said, the powers that be just don't want me spending any money.  I think my hubby has something to do with it since I nixed his new TV - we have 4 of them in a 2 bedroom apartment…he seriously needs a 5th one?????  OK so I can't talk about being obsessive, but at least mine fit under the bed LOL

So now that you know why I didn't spend the next question is why in heck didn't I earn anything?  All I have to do is add the beads on my fairy and she is sitting in the middle of my living room.  I have no excuses except that I just couldn't get my enthusiasm up to bead.  I've spent too much time debating if I want to match the thread to the bead color, or the thread to the  linen color or invisible thread?   Too many choices…

Anyway, Hubby is coming home soon, so she will be banished back to the bedroom.  Hubby thinks the living room is meant for him…silly man, he should know better by now.

No pictures this time, hoping to have pictures to post with the full moon.  I know the Fairy won't be done, or anything else, but I have made some progress on my SB stocking, so at least will have something to show off.



  1. Well done on your sfs budget
    I look forward to see that fairy fly :)

  2. I sit and look at beads and do the very same arguing with myself. Meanwhile the stitching is finished and the project sits!

  3. The fairy looks beautiful, and I look forward to seeing her at a GTG sometime soon when I can actually attend! :)