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Friday, September 11, 2015

Last week's progress

 When I posted my Full Moon update, I posted a picture of the stocking I was working on for another grand-niece.  Another blogger posted and jokingly (maybe?) asked if I wanted to race.  so here is my update after Labor Day weekend.  --------------->

I have two more rows at the top to finish and the name!!  Then stitch on the embellishments.  Of course this being an older stocking, it's not as detailed as their newer ones, so I should be done!!

Check out Anna's blog,  she is making great progress on Charlene's stocking  I know I have that one in my stash and thought I had completed it, but not seeing it in my pictures so pulled out my list and sure enough it's yet to be done.  The last 3 stockings I've completed or are working on have all been for little girls.  Girls seem to be hot in our family lately, which is find with me!!

I've completed 9 stocking and given them away, and have two more to actually finish.  The one for my grand niece that got the rag quilt still needs to be finished.  My sister sent me the special charms attached that has a picture of her and her parents.  Still need to finish sewing it together.  I was on a roll, but the fabric shop shorted me on the lining and it came to a screeching halt.  The back fabric is on, just need to do the lining.

The last stocking is my 2nd grandson's stocking.  ---------->
Wish I would have taken pictures of my 1st grand-daughter's and 1st grandson's.  Maybe one day I'll be home for Christmas and get to see them hanging up :)

When I was home I had wanted to go to the local x-stitch shop, but it just didn't work out, so I went and played in my stash.  I found the Sweetheart Tree kit that I had started as a shop model back in 2003.  Unfortunately I made a huge error, so instead of finishing it, I paid the shop for the kit and put it away until I could figure something out.  Well thought it was time to get it finished, really do love it, but will have to do the flower over one to fit into framed stitched area, not going to take out what I've done.  Well got it home and pulled it out to start on I found out that I didn't have the chart anymore :(  so until I can find the chart it will be banished again.

I'm going to finish the stocking this weekend I really hope, but have to clean the house too.  My parents and sister are all coming for a visit next weekend.  Don't do anything for months on end and then bam, hubby's outpatient scope (his throat is rough), sister and parents all within a 4 day period, which includes a trip to Disneyland YEA.

Happy stitching to all of you.  I'm on the mends and getting back into stitching which makes me happy.   I'm having fun deciding what to work on next!!  So many projects and only another 40 years to get them all done!!

Sandy - who is hitting a BIG birthday this year…YIKES..I can't be that old, I've got too many UFO/WIP/and wanna-be starts waiting.   I think I'll start counting over :) and see if I can't do it again.


  1. Those stockings are amazing, I'm always in awe of stitchers who finish them and give them away. Heirlooms to be treasured forever, I'm sure.

  2. Happy early birthday! Your stockings look great :)

  3. The stockings are lovely, I've been following Anna's progress on her's.
    Happy Early Birthday, my next zero one is next year! Eek!

  4. Well, you win! I've stitched everything except the bits stitched in "artichoke." I won't be able to pick it up until next Saturday at the earliest (if it arrives at my LNS). Next time I throw down the gauntlet, I should make sure I have all the supplies. ;)