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Friday, September 25, 2015 got some splanning to do....

but Ricky I can explain what happened, it WASN'T my fault it was all Ethel's doing.........

Well first off, I re-read the instructions and buying supplies for finishing projects don't count, so I'm adding back in the ribbon and thread that I used to trim a needlepoint heart I finished myself :)  Does this really help???  LOL NO

So here we go

Balance forward : $50.00

Finishes               :   4.00 - SB - Good Luck
                            :  14.00 - August Fairy (still needs beading, but the stitching is done)
Septembers          : 25.00

Bal for spending: $93.00

September's binge (287)

Balance forward  ($184)

So what happened?

Well you see I get these "ideas" and once I've got it in my brain I can't always control myself.  OK lets be honest, unless I'm totally broke, I can't ever control myself.

Since the last update my sister passed away and she was a huge Wizard of Oz person.  So I decided I needed a way to celebrate her life with something that would have meaning and let me work through my grief.  Originally I thought of doing an ornament for her hubby, but have since re-thought that and decided her daughter would probably appreciate a needlepoint ornament more than her Dad, not all men value the homemade stuff and couldn't bear the thought of it being put in a closet.

So I've been on a shopping spree looking for an ornament (notice I said ONE).  I have found 2 and have one on order that is smaller because I couldn't decided if I wanted to do Emerald City, the Ruby Shoes or Dorothy herself.  So I got the Emerald City, then Dorothy and of course Wicked Witch of the West was at the shop too so had to get that one too and then I ordered the ruby red slipper.  I've been to 4 different shops in person and also inquiring on-line.

I also found an ornament for a teacher and since my youngest daughter is a teacher now, thought I'd do it for her and I also found a canvas with Piglet on it, and Piglet is my very favorite from Winnie the Pooh stories so that somehow found it's way into my shopping bag as well.

While flipping through the canvases I looked up on the wall and saw a chart I decided I had to have by LNH - The Library and decided since I'd blown it by now I would see if they had another chart from Kelsey that will be a tribute to my daughter, can't remember the name of the chart.  And also got a piece of canvas to do DeeBee's American Rose - which I'm going to do in yellows and oranges for the Peace Rose.   So all the shopping was worthwhile, just not within my budgeted amount.

So you see, it really wasn't my fault, I wouldn't have spent a dime this month if I hadn't gotten that initial "idea" in my brain........

Sandy - who now needs to get her act together and get stitching if she hopes to climb out of the hole she's dug herself into.....


  1. Lovely ornaments. What a great idea to stitch something in memory of your sister. Perhaps you should stitch something to keep for yourself in her memory?

  2. Lol this totally made me laugh. It's a great idea I love how each thing just ended up jumping in the cart with no remorse :). Now hubby and daughter can both get an ornament ;)

  3. Is that a negative balance forward? :) Wow!

  4. So sorry to hear of your sister's passing - her "Oz" projects were quite beautiful.....