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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Only 3 more full moons left in 2015

So I really need to get going if I hope to have more stuff actually finished before we start all over again.

First the question of the month - I really love these because I sometimes struggle with a topic for my blog.

September 28 – Topic:  Where do you buy most of your stitching supplies?

I get most of my stitching supplies at actual brick and mortar shops.  If I've seen something and know that's what I want, and I can't find it locally then I'll use a mail order.  However I'm a touchy-feely type person and definitely an impulsive buyer.   So I love a well organized shop - if the shop has it's charts in books or they are crammed into every open space, I'm not as apt to get anything.  But if the charts are on racks, spread on table tops or have lots of shop models, well these shops have aided my quest to be a SABLE stitcher.  I also look for shops when I travel because I tend to see different things.  I'm not a loyalist to any one designer or style, not saying I don't have a lot of one designer or another, but I do love a variety.  Only thing missing from my collection are HAEDs because I know I'll never stitch them, but I do love them none the less.

So what have I done while the moon has labored around the earth?  Not a lot unfortunately, but I have had two finishes...

My SB stocking is done and waiting on the charms to be attached.  Which I thought I had, but don't, so will need to order them most likely.  I might see if a shop a little ways away has them.  If so, then I'll make the journey up there because they have some other unique charts.  I took a picture of it for posting, but for some reason it's not showing up with my other photos for uploading into my blog :(  I will get a picture of it when it's competed and ready to mail off to my niecie-poo.

So on to my other small finish (and start).  Another SB's chart/kit.  This small design will go into the box I got.  I plan on putting some little stuff in the box for my grand-daughter for Christmas.  She loves to get stuff like this, one year I gave her a tin with buttons, charms and money.  She had a riot going through it and finding new stuff each time.  She made me a sign out of some of the buttons.  I miss my baby girl, she is my little crafter and hopefully will inherit by stash.

Hope you've all had a great month and look forward to seeing what you've all posted.  I love your inspiration!!  

Sandy aka - Grandma :)


  1. Your grand-daughter sounds delightful - maybe she gets it from you?

  2. That little thank you from your granddaughter is so sweet!!!!!!!