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Saturday, October 24, 2015

SFS - checking in, but should be checking out :(

I'm so far down the rabbit hole that I'd have to stitch and finish a project almost every day from now until the end of the year to catch up.......but in all fairness to me, most of my over spending has been buying painted canvases - it doesn't take much to blow a budget.  If you take out the painted canvases and beading kits, I would still be in the hole, but less than $100.

So I'm not going to post my deficit this month, but it's on the scale of the national debt with the stuff I got a few weeks ago and then what I ordered this week.  I always have these great ideas of things I can stitch for people.  My problem is finding the time to actually stitch them...details, details, details - they get you every time.

I did have a finish and an almost finishes this month.  The first was my Nine Lives.  I have a frame for it, just need to put it framed now.  Sorry about the picture being sideways, can't figure out why my phone does that :(

I would show you the other picture but for some reason I can't find it in my photo album.  I'm not liking this updated version from Apple.  Hopefully I'll have figured it out before the full moon update.  But it's my letter D Mermaid, it just needs the beads.

Happy stitching to you all, and I'm going to be a lot better going forward.



  1. I've noticed my iPhone does this as well. If you tilt the phone to take a pic of something on the ground sometimes it thinks you're turning it sideways. If you click on the photo it'll let you edit it so you can turn it the right way before posting. It looks great!

  2. The cats collars are so cute, nice design. And as far as having too many new projects, at least you'll start next year well prepared.

  3. Keep trying to control the adding to stash. But when you figure it out, POST so the rest of us know how to control ourselves too!