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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thy will be called Procrastination...

and you will go through your life, one project away from missing your deadlines unless that deadline is Christmas, then you'll be 100 plus projects away....

I know there is a full moon coming and I have done NOTHING since the last...I'm such a bad person.  I feel like the princess in Tangles when she leaves the tower going between being thrilled being out of the tower and feeling like a total jerk for leaving the tower.  The tower in my case is my craft room or as my hubby calls it the guest bedroom.  I went and played at Disneyland last Saturday and then spend Sunday recovering from the day.  I'm waiting for "Mother" to come and drag me back into my tower.

So what is on my list?

40 plus pillow cases
beading - August Peridot Fairy
beading - Letter D Mermaid
Beading - Tina's stocking (plus adding the hair)
sewing up - 2 SB stockings for 2 darling little girls for Christmas
Putting the SB Pot of Gold X-stitch into its box
Putting Nine-Lives x-stitch into its frame
Putting another SB x-stitch into its frame
Taking said Fairy and Mermaid to the framer for framing and shipping to their intended.

Someplace between all of these projects comes Thanksgiving and 2 possibly 9 visitors for the holidays!!  Which means major cleaning!!  and putting the guest room back together.  By my count I have 3 workable weekends left.  I think I feel an illness coming on that would mean taking a day or two off from work LOL - no won't do that (wink-wink).

Who came up with the concept of procrastinating?  isn't there a club for procrastinators, which I've been meaning to look up, but just haven't gotten too yet.

Maybe there will be pictures the next time.  Until then my crystal ball says I'm in BIG trouble


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  1. Hope you had fun! We almost went Sunday but we had some stuff to do and ran out of time