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Monday, March 28, 2016

A day Late and Project short

OK, the full moon was last week, so I'm about 4 days late, and don't even want to think about how many projects were left untouched, more than one I assure you.

I've been in a stitching funk lately - just haven't really wanted to work on what was out, and didn't want to get anything else out, so I did nothing.   I'm hoping that I'm getting out of that funk, did some stitching both Saturday and Sunday, not for any great length of time, but for a few hours each day, so felt like I did get something accomplished.

So what have I done?  Here is my multiplication table - I was going to extend it to 12, might still do 12 down, but not across anymore.  But then I've changed my mind like a 100 times already.

I also put in a few more rows on my Angel's Song.  I totally missed a small row, I think it went between the checker board and the next row.  Oh well, I'm sure at some point I will totally forget about it and go on with life.  I really am enjoying working on this one, the next row is Huckweaving, which makes me nervous because I've not done it below - looks like a running stitch, but will involve good counting I'm sure.  I'm sure it will go quickly and will be enjoyable.

So the full moon question was:   Do you use hoops, stretcher bars, lap stands or Q snap frames and why? (viaCathieJ)

I use q-snaps, I love the way they hold my fabric and in my opinion are fairly light to hold and I can clap on my magnifier.  I started with hoops and then went to scroll bars.  I didn't like the hoops at all- always had to take them on and off so they wouldn't leave a mark on my project.  The scroll bars didn't work well for me either - I couldn't ever get them tight enough and really hated to sew them on.  So the q-snaps were a blessing and I've not looked back.  never been one to stitch in hand unless it's a really small project.

My friend sent me this mug - while I don't really do a lot of quilting, I could with the amount of fabric I buy.  I have completed 2 king size quilts, one baby quilt and lots of rag quits.

I use to sew clothes for my kids when they were young.  I would buy tons of fabric and within a month the kids would have new clothes, including for their dolls and I very rarely had any fabric left over.

Now I buy a ton of a fabric and it sits for a long time before it becomes anything.  I have lots of ideas in my mind - placemats, pot holders, micro-wave things and of course my pillow cases and rag quilts.  The pillowcases get made and I've done lots of rag quilts, but so far haven't gotten any of the nifty placemats done or micro-wave things completed.  Maybe this year.

I also went to the frame shop last weekend with my one pitiful x-stitch design and 3 wonderful water colors that my aunt painted.  So I will leave you with my favorite picture.  Can't wait to pick them up next week.  These are pictures of the picture they do so you can see how it will look framed.  I love the elephants!!  I think I will take it to work so I can look at it every day while working.



  1. I truly enjoyed your post this morning. It is a great read. Thank you for sharing. Also love the fact you will forget about that missed line someday...

  2. I love the elephants :). Lovely progress on your stitching j hope you big comes back soon!