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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

1st Quarter Moon - 8 days to a full moon

I've been stitching on my lunch hour instead of knitting and it's been going along fine.  I'm also watching Netflix - this time Criminal Minds - love that show.   Re-watching season 1 - only 13 more seasons to go!!  Should take me through the summer.

I started with my hippo needlepoint.  The thread that the shop helped me pick out was a linen thread by rainbow gallery.  The colors were great, but this canvas is most likely a 22 ct. canvas and that thread was for 14-18 ct. so it didn't stitch well.  The thread was all fuzzy and hard to pull through the holes.  I kind of thought she was selling me something that wouldn't work, but figured she was the expert in needlepoint, not me.  So after one stitching session at work I brought it home and clipped out what I'd done.  It was harder to get it out then it was to get it in!!  I then went to my wonderful stash :) and pulled out some silk threads and I'm so much happier with how it is stitching.  Didn't get a lot done, just the cloud over the hippo, but enough to know I made a wise choice.

So while this one has been banished home again I pulled out another needlepoint to work on and pulled some lovely thread from my stash - lots of Silk n' Ivory - my favorite to stitch with - it is so very soft.   I'm going to do the swirls either with beads or metallic thread, haven't decided yet.   This is my youngest daughter's purse flap - I think it's going to be fun to stitch and seems to be going quickly when you consider I only stitch about 1/2 on my lunch (have to eat too).

Over the weekend I went out and got some threads that I knew I wanted for my middle daughter's purse flap.  I asked her what her favorite colors were and she said red and black.  So I got some vineyard threads in red and black with a little bling.

I'm not really thrilled with the thread and two strains seems to be too much and it knots really easily.  However, not sure one is enough because I can see some of the tan under the red.  

The camera doesn't do the colors justice - the red is darker with just a hint of purple and metallic.  The black you can see some of the bling.  The large round area is 2 threads the rest is only one.  Not sure I'm happy with this at all, but need to do more so I can get a really good feel for it.

Hoping to have more to post at the full moon - I have been doing a little x-stitching and really want to start a new design - I have got some of the silks, but need a few more.   Of course I really should be thinking about getting some of my started projects done already - especially the ones that are so close to being completed.  There was a time when I would be that close that I couldn't stop working on it.   I guess the thrill is in the start, after that I'm ready for something new and different.

So what have you all been doing?


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