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Saturday, May 21, 2016

It's sunny here in California, we'll at least in southern cal....

It's a full moon and I have updates!!  Yah for me.

The question this month - what were you working on last year and is it done?

Well I had to look back. There were 2 projects that I posted about this time last year - both of which I'm happy to say are done!!  One was a Lizzy Kate - "Let Them All Be Small" and Hinzeit - "Nine Lives".

I sent Nine Lives to my granddaughter's room at our house in KY.  It is hanging in her room with her In the Arms of an Angel.  Let Them All Be Small is hanging in my office at work.

I also managed to finish 2 SB stockings (one was stitched, just not made into a stocking).  One rag quilt, and a small witch, that I still need to finish into an ornament.  The rest of the stuff is not up for discussion at this time LOL, they are around in one form or another, but needless to say, not finished.  One will be finished this year, even if I have to lock myself into a room and get it finished, the rest?   Maybe next year, having too much fun playing with new things this year.

I also got a canvas this time last year that I had been wanting and had plans to "start it right away", LOL.   Well didn't happen, it hasn't even been put on stretcher bars yet!!  One day it will come out to play with me.

So what am I working on now?

Well I'm still working on my multiplication table - "In Memory of Jane".  Here is where it was the last time I took at picture of it:
And here is where it is as of today.  The numbers are done, OK I'm missing the "0" on both 50's, ran out of thread on my needle and just haven't gone back to finish them up yet.  I will the next time I use that color.

The quilt motifs on the left side are done, need to start on the right, but want to get the border on the bottom done first so I make sure I start them in the correct spot.

What happened to "e 12 years old" you ask?  Well there were 2 threads too low, so I took them out and I'm re-stitching them.  Only this time I'm adding in the second line as well because I think I'll have to do some additional compensating around the "y".  Figured if I worked the two lines together I wouldn't need to do any additional rippppppping.

I love working on this one and can't wait to have it done and framed.  Already talked to my framer about putting a non-breakable glass over it so my daughter can hang it in her classroom next year.  My hope is the kids just seeing it will see the pattern in the numbers and somehow commit them to memory.  Can never had too much math.

I'm also working on my needlepoint purse flap.  I only work on it for about 1/2 hr a day, so not a lot progress.  I'm thinking about what to do with the light brown areas.  I'd like to do something sparkly.  The curly-q's I'm considering a chain stitch or outline stitch to give it a little depth.  I thought I'd thrown an orange in the bag for that other big area - those are mindless to do, which is what I need to de-stress during the day.

I also had one new start since the last full moon, I only worked on it for 2 days, you can see how quickly it goes.

I have another new start that I have planned - it's my 4 Corner Angels.  I received the last of the silk thread a few weeks ago, so I hear it calling my name....'sandy, drop your other projects...come and stitch on know you want too'.

Well what can I do?  I really do want to start it, time for some more q=snaps!!

Hope to have more updates after the moon finishes it's journey around the sun.



  1. On my WIP tour, I'm glad to visit you and discover the lovely projects you are working on. The multiplication table is a great idea for the class room. Love the colors on the purse flap and I find it reassuring that you hear those kind of persuasive "voices" too. Amitiés. xxx

  2. Loved seeing your projects all are very nice and look like lots of fun.

  3. Beautiful progress so far :).